Heal! A Guide to Priesting

The High Priest is the standard healing class in Ragnarok Online.

Table of Contents:

I. Support Type

I.1 Support Stats

I.2 Support Gears

II. ME type

II.1 ME Stats

II.2 ME Gears

III. The Guide

III.1 Woe



IV. Leveling

V. Skill

VI. Hints and Tips

VII. Notes

I. Support Type HP

- this type mainly focuses on healing party members and buffing them. They also serve as ‘tanks’.

I.1 Support Stats

-the basic build for a support priest is 80/80/80 (vit/int/dex). Vit gives higher HP and defense, making them a good tank. Int gives bonus SP and improves the ‘Heal’ skill. Dex reduces casting time and after-cast delay. This is necessary in a party because of priests being ‘rare’.

I.2 Support Gears

upper head: Apple of Archer/PooPoo Hat/Feather Beret/Magni’s Cap
mid head: Sunglasses + Marduk Card or Grand Peco Card
armor: Silk Robe/Divine Clothes/Orlean’s Uniform/Odin’s Blessing + Peco Peco Card or Elemental Cards (to be discussed later)
right hand: Staff of Recovery/Long Mace
left hand: Valkyrie Shield/Stone Buckler + Hodremlin Card or Alice Card or Horn card
garment: wool scarf + Raydric Card or Noxious Card
footgear: tidal shoes + Verit Card or Green Ferus Card
accessory 1: Safety Ring/Rosary + Alligator Card
accessory 2: Safety Ring/Rosary + Alligator Card

*during PvM, you can use Magni’s Cap, Stone Buckler and Odin’s Blessing Set for high def. This makes you a good tank. Also, if you have low dex, playing Full Support or when using ‘Redemptio’, i suggest you to wear Orlean’s Uniform.

When MvP-ing, swap element resistance carded-armors. They’re cheap, and is proven very effective. I suggest you put them on +9 silk robes (divine clothes if you’re rich) and have them with you all the time.

Elemental Cards:

pasana = fire (against amon ra, gloom, etc)

swordfish = water (ktullanux/drake’s water ball)

dokebi = wind (can also be used against water-element based attacks)

bathory = shadow (dark soul strike, evil land etc. mostly against high-end MvP’s)

*earth resistance is useless since earth does 100% damage against earth xD

PvP/WoE Equipments:
upper head: Feather Beret or Poopoo Hat
mid head: Sunglasses + Marduk Card
armor: Silk Robe/Divine Clothes + Marc Card or Evil Druid Card
right hand: Staff of Recovery/Long Mace/Combat Knife (+10 Main Gauche? used in old school RO)
left hand: Valkyrie Shield + Thara Frog Card
garment: Wool Scarf + Raydric Card
footgear: Tidal Shoes + Green Ferus Card
accessory 1: Rosary + Smokie Card
accessory 2: Safety Ring or Rosary + Alligator Card

II. ME Type HP

- these priests can Solo ‘demon’ and ‘undead’ MvPs. They can kill undead monster easily (turn undead) or players wearing Evil Druid card.

II.1 ME Stats

-ME type priests are not good tanks. They focus on Int to give higher damage, dex for fast cast, and luk. Not to mention they’re useless in WoE. (99/99/25:int/dex/luk)

II.2 ME Gears

upper head: Apple of Archer or Crown
mid head: Sunglasses + Marduk Card (this is a MUST)
armor: Orlean’s Uniform + Elemental Cards (swapping)
right hand: Staff of Recovery or Rod + Drops Card x 4
left hand: Orlean’s Plate/Valkyrie Shield + Thara Frog Card or Hodremlin Card or Horn Card
garment: Wool Scarf + Raydric Card or Noxious Card
footgear: Tidal Shoes + Verit Card or Matyr Card
accessory 1: Orlean’s Gloves + Zerom Card
accessory 2: Orlean’s Gloves/Rosary + Zerom Card or Smokie Card or Alligator Card

IV. The Guide:

IV. 1 WoE

During woe, you don’t need to bring many blue gemstones (unless your role is a town portal) but don’t forget to bring some. Get some mastellas, a little blue pots, and some holy water. Mastellas should only be consumed when you’re on Evil Druid Armor. You need to bring Unfro and against some opponents (agi type), pest card is also good. There are enemies, such as WS, that can break your armor so you need to bring extras. You can’t use Asumptio inside the castle so buff yourself and your allies with it before entering. Kyrie should be effective here now. You may also use it to cancel your opponent’s Assumtio. When a professor soul burns you, this is the time to use those little blue pots you brought. After using one, cast Magnificat and try to get away from him. He has ‘dispell’ skill so don’t bother buffing in front of him. In some cases, hide is necessary (dodging asura, etc) so i suggest you perma on it and don’t swap. I recommend you use the /q1 command with hide to make it easier to dodge. Holy water is used to cast Aspersio not to allies but to enemy breakers. This gives them the holy attribute thus, making them unable to damage the emperium.

IV.2 PvM

during PvM, all you can do is support your party but if you’re a ME priest, you can help them fight against undead/demon monsters. Turn undead and ME till you kill them all! YEAH! Like I mentioned earlier, ME priests can solo MvPs, depending on the player and his equipments. Basically, these type can be killed in one shot so it’s difficult and takes time to master.


Basilica is another great skill of HPs. It has a fixed range of 5×5 cells around the caster. People inside cannot attack so this is used only as ‘bait’. This doesn’t work against Boss monsters and WoE. Just for PvM and I tried it in PvP room. LOL it worked. This is called ‘Absolute Defense’.

IV.3 PvP

Buff and heal is all you can do here, unless you’re a battle priest. I did not include a guide to battle priest because i haven’t played like that before but i’ll share my opinion regarding that. Battle priests use magnum break (marine sphere card) as their main offensive skill while supporting themselves. When soul linked, they deal 4x damage with Holy light. I tried it many times before and it was awesome. Other classes such as snipers/wizzies can be killed with just one holy light. When Lexed (lex aeterna), you can deal 4000-8000 damage to a single target and more if they’re wearing Evil Druid card. The status build for PvP priest is… dunno? I think 80/80/80 LOL no. For sure they need str, int and dex.  Vit? XD

V. Leveling

This is not a difficult job for this class, until you reach level 80+. When you already have heal, go to payon cave (zombies, skeleton soldiers, etc). Glast Heilm is a paradise for priests. Killing Undead monsters and taking a break when you run out of sp is a nice hobby, since they really have a slow movement speed. With turn Undead, you can go and kill anubis but it is tough and is not advisable because of the minorous, pasanas, mimics, and those anubises themselves. Turn undead depends on INT, LUK and base level. Most of the time, a party hires acolytes/priests and share exp in exchange of heal and buffs. ME types can level alone but that’s too boring :P

V. Skill:

*i generated this skill tree from rms. this is mainly for Support/WoE priests. (generated in RMS)

this is the skill tree for acolyte class (job level 50). If you want to prioritize buffing and add angelus, you may boost it to level 10 and lower the warp portal and pneuma skill.

this is the skill tree for a high priest (job level 70). as you can see, there are still 10 skill points left. you can use it to add on the first skill tree however, this build is a little ‘hybrid’. This is my personal build used in supporting (PvM/MvP), PvP and WoE. You may use those leftovers in decrease agi. Using it during woe makes you hawt =)))

VI. Hints and Tips

*battlemode or /bm

-i highly suggest that you read this tutorial about battlemode.

*the /q1 command

-it enables you to use the skill in the 9th position (f9) on the first skill bar using right click. (mentioned in my previous guide on professors). in this case, put Hide and perma on your hiding rosary.

*if you can get ahold of a ‘Spiritual Ring’, you may try it’s Set of Equipments. They’re mostly useful for ME type priests because of int bonuses. If you’re a Support Priest, stick with your SoR (staff of recovery). It helps a lot in healing. Depends on the refinement, it gives ‘Heal’ bonus.

*resistance cards:

fire = pasana, jakk, leib olmai

water = swordfish/marc, marse, leaf cat

wind = dokebi/steel chonchon, dustiness, giant hornet

earth = sandman, hode, dryad, munak

poison = argiope, myst, ghoul

shadow = bathory, isis, permeter

undead = evil druid, orc zombie, permeter

holy = angeling,

ghost = ghostring, marionette

neutral = raydric/deviling/noxious/harpy/orc baby, parasite,

-these are the cards for resistance. I collected pasana, swordfish, marc, dokebi, bathory, and evil druid cards and made 6 pieces +7 silk robes for them. I used them for PvM and MvP to gain advantage of the enemy.

*personal build w/o MvP cards:

-these are my equipments during woe:

upper head: +7 Feather Beret
mid head: anything cute XD
armor: +7 silk robe (Marc Card) and  +7 silk robe (Evil Druid card)
right hand: +9 Staff of Recovery
left hand: +7 Valkyrie Shield (Thara Frog Card)
garment: +7 Wool Scarf (Raydric Card)
footgear: +7 Tidal Shoes (Green Ferus Card)
accessory 1: Rosary (Smokie Card)
accessory 2: Safety Ring

-base stats: 93/40/99 (vit/int/dex)

base vit is 93, and it has +7 from the equipments (that makes it 100). it gives 100% resistance to most of the Status ailments. low int because i want to have a fast cast with 99 dex. this status build leaves no status points; thus, not even a single one is wasted.

-skill bar

this is the skill bar that i use with bm. arranged from qwe, asd, and zxc.

qwe: lex aeterna, lex divina, aspersio, pneuma, safety wall, basilica, decrease agi, kyrie elison, teleport

asd: resurrection, redemptio, recovery, heal, cure, sanctuary, holy light, ruwach, town portal

zxc: asumptio, increase agi, bless, angelus, magnificat, gloria, imposito manus, suffragium.

the unoccupied slot is used for /q1 command; ‘Hide’.

VII. Notes

-i based this build in a mid rate server 70x/70x/40x (ArcanaRO rocks \m/)
-mail me @ [email protected] for suggestions and corrections.
this is just a guide and my opinion so don’t bother flaming :)

Thanks for Reading and Have a Nice Day!! :) REDEMPTIO!!!

28 Responses to “Heal! A Guide to Priesting”

  1. why the SW is only at level 7

  2. level 7 SW is fine.

  3. with that dex, lvl 7 sw is already good.

    hey, i tried 2 diablo’s rings and compounded smokie and alligator cards with them.

    any other card suggestions? XD
    is D. Mant good on priests?

  4. erm ghostring for ghost attacks? o.0 lol y dont u go ahead and add a whisper card to that too xD

  5. what? hmm

    nothing is discussed about ghost or ghostring card here lol

    hahahaha ur funny

  6. if you’re talking about ghost vs ghost, ghost property takes 200% damage on ghost property and vice versa (eg. beelzebub and immaterial sword)

  7. “Dex reduces casting time and after-cast delay.”

    Cool guide but that part is wrong it only affect cast, time, the acd isn’t affected by stats.

  8. I’m a TU priest and i hunt Anubis all the time. I thinks its much faster way to lvl then ME. As long as you have decent VIT, high INT and high Luk. The skills tel, turn undead, gloria, kyrie and agi you should be fine. Never use safety wall :P

  9. well for WoE ME is not so Bad in precast for Plus Damage on ED (evildruid) Users..
    Heal in WoE .. NO pl0x
    Safety Wall 7 = Rox. No more with that dex.

  10. @truth
    hmmm 100 vit = not enough? u suck lol
    99 base dex = not fast cast? read plox

    yes we need a lot of blue gems but if there’s a prof around you don’t need that many for sw and sanc. maybe ur guild sucks that you rely on priests to survive rofl

    reducing animaiton delay with aspd is like reducing acd aight?

    @lolwut and Razziel
    agreed. like xile said, use mastellas during woe.

  11. reducing animation delay with aspd is nothing like reducing acd though. animation delay only comes into play if animation delay > aftercast delay, which really only happens in very high int strings or skills like ds, which have no aftercast delay, and thus go as fast as your animation, ie aspd.

  12. I disagree with a few things in the woe section. First off, you DO need a fair number of blue gems, to safety wall and sanctuary.. which you didn’t mention at all in the section.

    Using aspersio on emp breakers also doesn’t work very well on experienced breakers, so safety wall is more useful.. and you didn’t mention it at all, or mention which cell to safety wall.

    Also on defense casting aspersio on allies isn’t always a bad idea, especially if they don’t have a ton of converters, but check it over with them first.

    Also, reducing animation delay with aspd is a valid point as long as you explain it. If you’re in a situation with a high int bragi then knowing that your aspd affects your delay is useful.

  13. Concentration Potions.

    And onoz !!!bbqsauce!!!!!1

    1 strength? Remember that you’re supposed to carry around potions/mastelas, various silk robes, blue gemstones, holy waters…

    :: -base stats: 93/40/99 (vit/int/dex)

    base vit is 93, and it has +7 from the equipments (that makes it 100). it gives 100% resistance to most of the Status ailments. low int because i want to have a fast cast with 99 dex. this status build leaves no status points; thus, not even a single one is wasted.” ::

    Well, good luck with that.

    I personally think that 80~90 base vit is enough. If you go for 100 just to avoid Curse, it is easily retarded by Blessing, and the SP lost for that skill is easily recovered by Magnificat. In short, 100 is overrated. and a waste of stat points.

    - – -

  14. maakunat na aku pure vir pure dex 25 int hehe

  15. puru vit pure dex 25 int

  16. Hello I am a newbie..
    I want to ask why HP just need 40 int??
    and dex 99??

  17. mm..
    my suggestion
    int:70-99(if u want high your heal..Int 99)
    dex 50-60
    str 40-50
    vit 60-80


    HP use so many sp during woe…

  18. Good high priest build for woe:

    Str: Leftovers
    Agi: meh
    Vit: 97 total
    Int: 1~20 meh
    Dex: 99
    Luk: meh

    The vit is for stun resistance, the dex is to get buffs out faster, the int is to heal barricades etc etc.

  19. Some High Priests tend to go:

    Str: Leftovers
    Agi: 50+
    Vit: 97 total
    Int: 1~20
    Dex: 70~
    Luk: 1

    This build tends to focus more on Lex Aeterna/Divina[Keep in mind mute is quite awesome on 1 vit Creators] spam, bless and such. Hence the agi[Animation delay of Lex Ae/Divina/Blessing

    However this isn’t really a standard build. It’s quite useful if the guild has enough support Priests.

  20. its better to use basojin for headgears since it ups 30% of heal and sanctuary not to mention pot pitch as well.
    u can have extra on mids too.its better to wear a VC or a angelic ring.PS does anyone here know a build on how to get holy light to 5k per hit ??? (or higher)

  21. that last one was Bacsojin , sorry its the white lady

  22. increase your matk and get a soul link

  23. Note that long mace is good for weap slot, too. :O Though it’s a little hard to find in LRs, so yeaaaaah, maybe not. I’m still suggesting it, though.

  24. good guide. gave it a 4/5

  25. guys, read!! 70/70/40, 2009. damn stupid comments :))

  26. this is a WALL of text but reading it all is worth it. this is good, 4/5. omg i’m becoming a xile-fan now lol

    READ before you comment people

  27. yo, OHMYGOD here xD

    you can cancel animation delay by moving or clicking anywhere right after casting a spell

  28. how bout the full support in MvP someone can help? tyyy

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