Creator Potion Creation!

Tips and Tricks to Brew:

Dexterity and Luck affect potion creation.

Strength affects how much you can carry without being over 49% weight. Use your cart to stay underweight and minimize storage visits.

Intelligence affects how much SP you have maximum and how quickly you recover SP.

To use Twilight Alchemy not only do you need to be soul linked, you also need a Super Novice in your party, and you need all the ingredients you would normally consume.

For ingredients visit the Creation Database.

For more information on item creation and ranking alchemist visit Antimage’s Guide; Comprehensive Guide to the Creator Class.

Creation Stat Build:

  • Str ~
  • Agi ~
  • Vit ~
  • Int 30+
  • Dex 100+
  • Luk 100+

Brewing Skill Build:

  • — Merchant Skills Below —
  • Enlarge Weight Limit 10 / 10
  • Discount 10 / 10
  • Overcharge 10 / 10
  • Pushcart 10 / 10
  • Identify 1 / 1
  • Vending 8 / 10
  • Mammonite Na / 10
  • Cart Revolution 1 Quest Skill
  • Change Cart 1 Quest Skill
  • Crazy Uproar 1 Quest Skill
  • Merchant Skill Points Used: 49 Left: 0
  • — Creator Skills Below —
  • Axe Mastery Na / 10
  • Learning Potion 10 / 10
  • Pharmacy 10 / 10
  • Twilight Alchemy I 1 With Soul Link (must have super novice and linker in party)
  • Twilight Alchemy II 1 With Soul Link
  • Twilight Alchemy III 1 With Soul Link
  • Creator Skill Points Used: 20 Left: 49

Creation Gears:

Viking Helm/Golden Flower (FeelRO Donation Item; All stats +4, [slotted]), with Carat Card (+2 int) or Elder Willow Card (+2 int)

Sunglasses of Intelligence/Elven Ears of Intelligence (FeelRO Donation Item; DEX + 1, INT + 3, after-cast delay reduced by 10%)

Slotted Lower Headgear (FeelRO Donation Item), with Carat Card (+2 int) or Elder Willow Card (+2 int)

Lord’s Clothes (Int +1, MDEF +5), with Baby Leopard Card (LUK + 3, [Merchant Class: Make an armor indestructible (except in upgrade attempts)], [Raggler & Zipper Bear & Hylozoist & Myst Case Card Combo])

Fortune Sword (Perfect Dodge + 20, LUK + 5)

Shield (unimportant, unless you have +7 shield or better with a Thanatos Despero Card [INT - 6, Increase INT by an amount equal to the refine rate of the equipment this card is compounded on])

Morrigane’s Manteau (LUK + 2, Perfect Dodge + 8)

Crystal Pumps (LUK + 5, MDEF + 10)

Glove (slotted, Dex +1), with Zerom Card (Dex +3) x 2

Support Classes to Maximize Brew Success:

  • High Priest (Bless and Gloria)
  • Paladin (Gospel)
  • Gypsy (Str and Int both 99, Marionette Control)
  • Clown (Poem of Bragi)
  • Soul Linker (Alchemist Link to give Twilight Alchemy)
  • Super Novice (in party so that Twilight Alchemy will work)

Special Thanks~

To for being my best and favorite resource.

To my guild for working together to get ranking alchemist.

To Antimage for having the most Comprehensive Creator Guide.

To Limitless RO for providing an awesome server.

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11 Responses to “Creator Potion Creation!”

  1. lol u kno its better to not get 99 luk/dex base since by then u can get 2 or more int per luk/dex int gives half the luk/dex bonus so getting 2 int is same as getting 1 dex/luk so when it takes 8 stat points for dex/luk and 4 or less stat points for int u should put in int till it takes 5 points to up it then u up dex/luk by 20 then up int by 10 again

  2. very hard

  3. fail guide..
    get int/dex/luk equally and round it up with marionette control.
    You are mentioning Despero, then mention Orlean glove.
    Excalibur > bazerald.
    and btw, mention that you should only get buffs/equip bonus once you are under the effect of marionette control.
    as i said, fail guide

  4. Gear is made of fail.

    gear that every server got:

    holden card ulle’s cap
    baby leopard card valk armor ****
    +10 thanatos despero card guard/buckler/whatever
    +10 chung e card hood/muffler/whatever
    crystal pumps
    2x zerom orleans gloves

    **** you could also use something like:
    ~55dex ~55luk 91int
    72 vit OR agi

    get a clown/gypsy with

    and use a observation Card / venatu Card => 4dex/luk (baby leopard only gives 3luk) ^^”

  5. Optimal Gear

    Ulle’s Cap (Holden Card)
    Valk Armor (Baby Leopard Card)
    ANY Shield (Zealotus Card)
    +10 Garment (Chung E Card)
    Crystal Pumps
    2x Orlean’s Gloves (Zerom Card)

    using observation/venatu are both pretty much ueseless

    Stat Build
    42int 95dex 96Luk
    If resetting each time, its best to use marrionette control with the same stats as the brewer
    if not, max str/int for better brewing chance and higher weight capacity

  6. keep in mind server might fixed the marrionett bugg or dont have a resetter or the resetter is to expensiv

  7. A cheaper option for this would be:

    Any slotted armor (Jacket, that can be easily dropped from Thief bugs, or Cotton Shirt [1]) (OMG LOL) with Poring cards if Baby Leopard is too hard to drop

    Fortune Sword (recomended) or Haedonggum
    2 random acessories (Rosaries [1] if you can get it) with cookie cards or Unslotted Gloves/Rosaries
    At least a +6 Garment with Chung E (hard to drop, but it’s worth it)
    Crystal Pumps (not hard to drop, but you may have some difficult)
    Any headgear with Holden (Ulle’s would be OK, but it might be expensive on your server)
    Fruit Mix (Dex +3 food, if you drop a Green Iguana card, just go to Anthell F1 and Storm Gust the Eggs till you drop it)

    I find it a good option :)

  8. If you want to go potter/AD build then go for high dex with int around 90 and a bit of vit so that you won’t die easily.Furthermore this guide is only for those with resetter.Without resetter,how are you gonna build potter/AD build?

  9. Well, thanks for the feedback, this is how I do it and it seems to work.

    I make a creator for potting and a creator for Ading, since I hate resetting all the time. To level the Potting Creo just dual client it with a hunter or stargladiator. Anyways, I post guides to help new people. If you want to criticize, I’m open to constructive criticism but I won’t change anything if all you say is “this guide fails.”

    I post items that have a listed drop origin in RMS. Feel free to explain where to get excalibur and I will add it to this guide. =D


    ^ Excalibur quest

  11. INT 43 DEX 94 LUK 94 is better than INT 15 DEX 99 LUK 99

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