How to Summon an MVP using Abracadabra

What is Abra?

Abracadabra (Skill ID# 290) iRO Name: Hocus-pocus

Type: Random Max Level: 10

Requirements: (May vary for different classes, view skill by classes is recommended)

Auto Spell Level 5, Land Protector Level 1, Dispell Level 1

SP Cost: 50

Target: Random

Cast Time: As casted spell After Cast Delay: As casted spell

Duration: As casted spell

Item Required: 1 Yellow Gemstone

Effect: Casts a random skill (can be ANY player skill e.g. Auto Counter or Hide and some special skills) at your own skill level. May produce some odd and funny effects. Requires 1 Yellow Gemstones to use, and anything the produced skill would require e.g. Trap, Blue Gem, Red Gem or Paintbrush. The produced skill will change in a random pattern with each cast. Even with catalyst reducing items (Mistress Card) or buffs (Bard/Dancer Into the Abyss) the cost will not drop below 1 Yellow Gemstone; a For-Fun-Skill.

This is the official description of Abra. It also includes some other interesting effects. One of these is a skill that looks like this:


This skill will do 5 things:

· Instant Kill

· Monocell (changes monster into a Poring)

· Change Class (Transform normal monster to MVP and MVP to normal monster)

· Fortune (Increase zeni = your level x 100 zeni)

· Tame monster


The most effective way to Summon an MVP using Abra requires some support classes… meaning friends. All of you should be in a party together. It will reduce the cost of Abra if both dancer and bard are in the same party as the Profs.

Classes you need:

Prof or more to cast Abracadabra the more the better,

Creator to spawn mushrooms with Plant Cultivation to be transformed into the MVP and to Acid Demo the MVP,

Dancer and Bard for Into the Abyss Ensemble: All party members within the area of effect are able to cast spells without gemstones and lay traps without using an item; then vs. the MVP the Bard uses Poem of Bragi and the Dancer uses Please Don’t Forget Me and Service For You.

High Priest for Ruwach during the Abra stage and to Lex Aterna vs. the MVP,

Sniper with boss bow and/or Champ with boss chain just to kill the MVP,

High Wizard for Aoe spells and Ice wall,

Paladin in Gospel/Devotion build to keep people alive or tank low MVPs, and

Assassin Cross or Stalker to lure large MVPs.

How to get Abra:

Monster Property Na / 1

Advanced Book 5 / 10

Cast Cancel 1 / 5

Magic Rod 1 / 5

Spell Breaker 3 / 5

Free Cast 4 / 10

Auto Spell 5 / 10

Flame Launcher 2 / 5

Frost Weapon 2 / 5

Lightning Loader 2 / 5

Volcano 3 / 5

Deluge 3 / 5

Violent Gale 3 / 5

Land Protector 1 / 5

Dispell 1 / 5

Abracadabra 10 / 10

Items you need

If you have a dancer bard playing Into the Abyss as I suggest, it will not cost any gems (I know what the skill says, but it’s not true unless the GMs fix it). Otherwise, you will need alot of Yellow Gems on the prof. I suggest that everyone involved pitches in for the expense of buying gems. Use a discount merchant to buy them. You will also want to have potions on everyone in addition to using the town healer. Green potions in case the MVP has a screen silence. You will also want to have fwings if a strong mvp is summoned and it is camping spawn point. Blue gems in abundance on the High Priests ready to res.

  • White Potions, or Condensed White Potions, or Mastela Fruits
  • Green Potions
  • Fly wings
  • Blue gems
  • Yellow gems (if you don’t have Into the Abyss)

Getting Started

Before doing anything warn everyone in all allied guilds that you will be doing Abra. Once you tell the afk people in town, set up a nice big party with exp on Share and items on Take. If you have enough people make 2 parties. While the Abra summoners work on summoning have the rest of the party hang in pvp, or hunt gear. The wait on summoning an MVP can be long or short it truly is random.

Set up the ensemble song Into the Abyss. Once that is set the Profs can stand in the AoE and spam the Abra Skill. Just keep pressing the hot-key and watch the letters for the skill in Green.

While the Profs spam, the Creator should set up 2-3 mushrooms. When one of the Profs gets the “????” skill target a mushroom with it. It may change into an MVP if you’re lucky; if it doesn’t keep spamming.

Make sure that those who aren’t spamming stay patient. It’s kinda rude when there’s one or two people doing everything. *Hint if you get bored of waiting, make a Sage or Prof and help Summon too*

Killing the MVP

Once the MVP is summoned send a call out to everyone in your party and double check with allied guilds to see if anyone new wants to join. One trick is spider web + safetywall + tank/devotion + ice walls + town healer + lex aeterna + Abyss Knight carded weapons = almost any MVP dead, or you can make a Stargladiator with Feeling set in the town. First have the Sinx lure the MVP off screen south from the spawn point. Clown and Gypsy set up bragi and service for you while the High Priest buffs. Paladin Gospels then Devotions the essential classes (HP and damage dealer). High Wizard sets up Ice Wall to discourage the MVP from walking north. All classes prep for onslaught. Buy items and get specific gear for the MVP. Example: Fire Armor vs. Eddga, Holy Weapon vs Atroce, etc. Land Protector can help against some MVP AoE skills, but be sure to be careful where you cast it. LP blocks Gospel, Sanctuary, Safetywall, and Ice wall also.

If you don’t know what to use vs an MVP go to and look up its race/size/element. Then look up cards that affect each type. By alternating cards the bonuses stack completely. Ex: 4 Hydras is not as good as 3 Hydras and 1 Skeleton Worker.

Special Thanks!

Thanks to ratemyserver, for having a complete database and convenient search engines. Thanks also to everyone in guild who tolerates random MVPs in town. Thanks lastly to Limitless RO for giving the guild a home.

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  1. So, luck does matter this time, huh?

  2. Not the stat for luk.

    Just your luck as a player. =D

  3. mmmm but mushrooms are only for 5 Minutes.. in many servers that i played the mushrooms and the Mvps summoned for mushrooms + abracadabra dissapared in 5 minutes..

    Better use Dead Branchs for Summoning MVP .. (Mob of Dead Branch + Abracadabra.. For MVP is bloody branch)

    well we summon many mvps in bibilan dungeon (outside) with dead branchs + abracadabra .. Small Map Rulez

  4. Here’s a video reference:

    Though, it’s not exactly a ‘legit’ way, I guess it can add onto your guide.

  5. Does the level of the skill affects the chance of summoning an MVP? like level 10 abracadabra..or it doesn’t matter if its level 1 abra?

  6. how come??

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