Shiro’s Condensed Thanatos Tower WalkThrough

~Shiro Ryu’s Thanatos Guide~

Condensed Version

Table of Contents


Classes and Builds




Level Two

Level Three

Level Four

Level Five

Level Six

Level Seven

Level Eight

Level Nine

Getting Charmstones

Level Ten

Level Eleven

Level Twelve



Whenever I ask if anyone wants to go to Thanatos, the response is usually:
“Yea!! Let’s kill Thanatos!!!!”
Well, to be honest just getting there is pretty tricky.
There is a Thanatos quest. The quest is similar to Vesper or Kiel but much longer.

The new updates of the base quest are listed here. Only one complete set of Magic Charm Stones is needed to summon Thanatos. If most people get the Stones and Keys then we can summon Thanatos each trip. The Yellow Key is the toughest to obtain. It’s also best to go with people who already know the way.


Before you go it’s best to have 1 priest, 1 tank, 1 ranged, and 1 AoE caster. There is also a party requirement for 5 people. You also need an equip-able level 4 weapon (to get the Red Key). Level 4 weapon not +4. Friends reminded me to suggest a Fortune Sword for all but acolyte class, and Golden Mace/Girl’s Diary for the priests.

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Classes and Builds

Only transcended classes can reach the top of the tower. The door on floor 6 leading to floor 7 prevents all non-re-birthed characters from passing.
All of these builds are an approximation; feel free to customize each build to fit your playing style. Do not come to Thanatos with Asura, do not wear a Ghostring vs ANY of the mini bosses or MVP. Do NOT wear an Evil Druid Card, you will need to be resurrected at some point I promise. High flee or close range classes will die fast on higher levels.

High Priest-

-A- Full Support with Aspersio and Safetywall
Str ~, Agi ~, Vit 30, Int 90, Dex 90, Luk ~

-B- Turn undead and Redmeptio
Str ~, Agi ~, Vit 70, Int 80, Dex 70, Luk 30

High Wizard-

-A- Stormgust and Ice Wall
Str ~, Agi ~, Vit 25, Int 99, Dex 99, Luk ~

-B- Quagmire and Meteor Storm
Str ~, Agi ~, Vit 35, Int 90, Dex 90, Luk ~


-A- Full Support with Gospel and Devotion
Str 20, Agi ~, Vit 90, Int 60, Dex 40, Luk ~
-B- Shield chain and Heal
Str 90, Agi ~, Vit 30, Int 80, Dex 20, Luk ~

Assassin Cross-

-A- Soulbreaker with Cursed waters (Ask for aspersio vs Undead Property)
Str 80, Agi ~, Vit 25, Int 90, Dex 20, Luk ~

-B- Grimtooth with EDP
Str 90, Agi 80, Vit 10, Int ~, Dex 30, Luk ~


-A- Soul Change and Safetywall
Str ~, Agi ~, Vit 30, Int 90, Dex 90, Luk ~

-B- Land Protector, Deluge, Dispel
Str ~, Agi ~, Vit 40, Int 80, Dex 99, Luk ~


-A- Finger Offensive
Str 90, Agi ~, Vit 50, Int 30, Dex 50, Luk ~

-B- Steel Body (The toughest Thanatos mobs are all Undead/Ghost Property)
Str ~, Agi 30, Vit 90, Int 90, Dex ~, Luk ~

Lord Knight-

-A- Bowling Bash or Spiral Pierce
Str 90, Agi ~, Vit 60, Int 50, Dex 30, Luk ~

-B- Do not bring a Berserk Knight unless there is a Dispel Prof.
Str 90, Agi 90, Vit 20, Int ~, Dex 20, Luk ~


-A- Bow Stalkers can easily help the party.
Str ~, Agi 90, Vit ~, Int 30, Dex 90, Luk ~

-B- Builds that use Plagiarize and Preserve can be tough in Thanatos. Many times stalkers lose the skill they Plagiarize.
The build depends on what skill you plagiarize of course.^^;;


-A- Blue Potion pitch and Slim Potion pitch help keep the party moving. Thanatos mobs don’t have much Vit.
Str ~, Agi ~, Vit 90, Int 90, Dex 30, Luk ~


-A- Cart Termination is most effective when combined with safetywall; otherwise the Smith will die too fast.
Str 90, Agi 90, Vit ~, Int ~, Dex 30, Luk ~


-A- Arrow Vulcan with Holy and Shadow arrows. Green song also helps slow down mobs.
Str ~, Agi 90, Vit 20, Int 10, Dex 90, Luk ~


-A- Poem Of Bragi is the Clown’s main job. If the High Wiz has no Bragi the party will die fast.
Str ~, Agi ~, Vit 25, Dex 99, Int 99, Luk ~

-B- If there is MORE than ONE Clown Arrow Vulcan is fine. Only if you have TWO or MORE clowns.
Str ~, Agi 90, Vit 20, Dex 90, Int 10, Luk ~


-A- Double Strafe Snipers are helpful with killing in the tower except for the Thanatos MVP.
Str ~, Agi 90, Vit 25, Dex 99, Int 10, Luk ~

-B- The best way to attack Thanatos MVP without making it warp is to use an Agi Sniper and hit it really fast. NO Doublestrafing the MVP!!
Str ~, Agi 99, Vit 25, Dex 99, Int ~, Luk ~

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The Gear

*Note* High Refine means past the safe point of refining. I prefer to get +5 to +9 on all my gear. This usually requires breaking multiple equipments until one succeeds. I’ve only gotten one +10, but I’m lazy.

If you want to hunt Thanatos gear here is a good idea of what to use. Armors vary by class, I thought I might include some uber gears for the fun of it. This is not a complete list. If you’re really serious about your gear visit and use the Item Search engine.


Mirror Shield, Orlean’s Plate, Stone Buckler, Strong Shield, Thorny Shield, Valk Shield with: Executioner(Reduce 25% Damage vs large type)/Teddy Bear(Reduce damage from Undead monster 30%)/Anubis(Reduce damage from Angel type 30%)


Valk Manteau, Wool Scarf, Mithril Magic Manteau, Pauldron, Manteau, Muffler with: Marionette(Resist Ghost)/Jakk(Resist Fire)/Orc Zombie(Resist Undead)/Isis(Resist Shadow)/Raydric(Resist Neutral)


Valk shoes, Tidal Shoes, High Quality Sandals, Greaves, Boots, Shoes; with Verit (increase max hp and sp)/Eggyra (increase sp recovery 15%)


Valk Armor, Glittering Jacket, Meteor Plate, Full Plate, Chain Mail, Divine Clothes, High refine Silk Robe, High refine Saint’s Robe, Odin’s Blessing, Robes of Orleans, Lord’s Clothes with the following cards: Marc (no freeze)/Evil Druid (Undead Property)/Bathory (Shadow Property)/Peco Peco (to combo with Grand Peco)/Succubus (combo with Incubus)


Valk Helm is one the best Headgear with or without the combo. Drooping Cat, Incubus Horns, Succubus Horns, Frigg’s Circlet, Magni Cap, Circlet (with High Refine and Kathryn Keyron Card), Apple of Archer.

Headgear Cards: Stalactic Golem (DEF + 1 20% resistance against Stun), Cramp (Combo with Tarou +5 total Str), Incubus (Combo with Succubus), Kathryn Keyron (Reduce Cast 1% per refine), Peremeter (15% resistance against Shadow and Undead Property attacks), Marduk (Immune to Silence)


For Str characters Slotted Ring with Tarou for Cramp combo is better than mantis alone.

For Agi Slotted Brooches with kukre card.

For Dex characters Slotted Gloves, or even Orleans Gloves with Zeroms.

For Survival Rosaries with Alligator cards, or toss in a Smokie card and hide.

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First Level: Elements on this floor are Earth, Neutral, and Holy.

Beware of:

Solace / Lady of Solace Angel, Medium, Holy 3. Mid difficulty. Use Cursed Waters to Shadow your attacks. Maintain Swall and Lex Aeterna.

Once you are inside the first map with monsters (Thanatos_1) talk to the NPC behind the desk. If you forget to talk to this NPC you will not be able to pass certain doors later on. Head for the next floor once registered.

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Level Two: Elements on this floor are Water, Neutral, and Shadow.


Retribution / Baroness of Retribution. Mid Difficulty. Be wary of Bowling bash and Grandcross of Darkness. Holy Arrow Vulcan is the fastest way to kill her.

On the second floor have the whole party meet at the entrance to the third floor. Make sure that everyone in party is with you, or he will not let you through. Gather near the NPC and tell him you are ready to warp through. A Warp to the third level will appear. This is the “Party Door” you must have atleast 5 people in party to get past. If you have a full first party (12 people max in party) the door will still open for the second party with no worries about party size.

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The Red Key

Third Level: Neutral, Shadow, and Holy.


Shelter / Mistress of Shelter Angel, Medium, Holy 3. Mid Difficulty. Shadow Arrow Vulcans, Soulbreakers, and Double-Strafes.

Head south from where you appear on the map. To this spot:

This is the first level with a key. (Thanatos_3) The Red Key is obtained by talking to a “Mechanism”. This is the same as interacting with any other NPC. First thing, you must equip the level 4 weapon.

*ASSASSINS*: it is equipped on the “right hand” but this appears on left side of gear… assassins can equip weapons in both hands. The level 4 weapon must be on the weapon side not the shield side.

Simply click on the mechanism to start a dialog. It will offer you various options. You must “attack the field” with your level four weapon. Once you have the Red Key, head to the next floor.

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The Yellow Key

Fourth Level: Neutral, and Fire.


Observation / Dame of Sentinel Angel, Medium, Neutral 4. Mid Difficulty. Be wary of Intimidate this monster can teleport a party member away from the group.

Top Right Corner of the map:

(Thanatos_4) The Yellow Key:

*Only one Yellow Key is needed for the whole party. So, choose someone good with math*

It will ask you for three different numbers. You can’t use the same number twice. You can’t use 0. After a certain amount of time it will kick you out. It says how many are right and how many are in the right sequence.

So you have:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

To help you narrow this down I suggest:


Then remember how many are correct, and how many are in correct sequence.


Write it down it helps…

Use a variation that you can remember combining two from the highest number right so far. (Meaning if there were 2 right in 123 use 1 and 2) Then use the next highest rate. (Meaning if one was right in 789 use 8)

*If one of them has none right use 4, 5, or 6

I’m sure that by this time if you haven’t gotten it right… the machine kicked you out. Just talk to it again, starting over. The number changes every time you talk to it. The best thing is to be fast. Some people do get lucky. My last time going someone said it was 123 for him or her. (They were done first =P)

Investigate the drawer and you get the Yellow Key.

The Blue Charm Stone is found in the lower center of the map. You must first have the Blue Key to obtain this item. The Blue Key is found on the next floor, so it will always take two trips to get a full set. Head to the next floor… I would suggest keeping buffs active at all times.

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The Blue Key

Level Five: Neutral, Fire, Earth, Shadow, Water, and Ghost Properties.


Owl Baron, easy to kill. Spawns 2 Owl Dukes. Use Bragi, Stormgust, and Lex.

Thanatos Dolor / Dolor of Thanatos Undead, Small, Ghost 4. Tough. Turn Undead or Immaterial Arrows are fastest. This monster takes no damage from Neutral. Be wary of his soul burn.

(Thanatos_5) Once again the spawn is very mobby. Hope you survived those Owl Dukes and Owl Barons. Rotate Camera around so that you are facing down. Otherwise the Mechanism is very tricky to see. Now having rotated the camera… walk to the left, then down the stairs (if you don’t want to rotate your camera view it’s to the right). The Blue Key is in the corner… This one must be obtained by “Lifting together” so your party members must be next to the mechanism. Remember to fix the camera.

The Red Charm Stone is obtained on the far right of the map (type in Red Key).

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The Green Key

Sixth Level: Neutral, Fire, Earth, Shadow, Water, and Ghost.

Beware of:

Thanatos Maero / Maero of Thanatos Undead, Medium, Ghost 4. Tough. This Monster CLOAKS! Have sight, ruwach, heaven’s drive, and true sight ready. Once again ghost property attacks and Turn undead are the fastest ways to kill her.

*Jurassic Park Moment* “Shoot her!! Shoooooot heeeeeer!!”

Divide the map here into Quarters. If anyone has the Black Key from a previous trip: the Black Charm Stone is obtained in the top right corner. Type in Black Key. If you do not have a Black Key that’s ok it’s your first trip it will take 2 trips to get a whole set.

(Thanatos_6) The top left quadrant is where the Green key can be found.

Move to the lower center of that quadrant. The spot to talk to the NPC-or mechanism-is shaped like a small rectangle. You must align the gears correctly here. The Sequence is as follows:

First Small Wheel Raise

Second Small Wheel Lower

First Big Wheel Push Vertically

Second Big Wheel Raise

Third Big Wheel Raise

Then choose go back.

Just examine the drawer to get the key. Any Non-Trans/Non-Rebirth “slaves” or “leechers” will not pass the next door. Trans class only from this point onward.

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Level Seven: Neutral, Holy, Shadow, and Ghost.

Yellow Stone is found near the end of the level.


Retribution / Baroness of Retribution Angel, Medium, Shadow 3. Mid Difficulty. Be wary of Bowling bash and Grandcross of Darkness. Holy Arrow Vulcan is the fastest way to kill her.

Solace / Lady Solace Angel, Medium, Holy 3. Mid difficulty. Use Cursed Waters to Shadow your attacks. Maintain Swall and Lex Aeterna.

Thanatos Despero / Despero of Thanatos Undead, Large, Ghost 4. Tough. He is strongest in close range so stay back. Use Lex to speed things up or Turn Undead.

Remember to stop for the Yellow Stone. The mechanism is on a column found on the right-hand wall.

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Eighth Level: Neutral, Holy, Shadow, and Ghost.

There is not one Key or even a single Charm Stone on this level.

You may wonder: “Then why the Eye-Stabbing Bright Pink?” This is because the only Odium of Thanatos that drops a “Fragment of Hatred” is found on this level. As discussed later, the Fragments are required for the Final Thanatos Summoning.

Thanatos Odium / Odium of Thanatos Undead, Large, Ghost 4. Tough. Pneuma will protect vs grimtooth-like attack. Use Turn Undead or Ghost property on him. Make sure to have one HP ready to res/pnuema.

No Key or Stone on this level. Make sure someone in the party has a Fragment of Hatred.

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The Black Key

Level Nine: Fire, Neutral, Holy, Shadow, and Ghost.

Beware: Intimididate and Teleport do not work on this level.

Thanatos Dolor / Dolor of Thanatos This monster has 2 kinds in game. This one drops all the equips and items. Undead, Small, Ghost 4. Tough. Turn Undead or Immaterial Arrows are fastest. This monster takes no damage from Neutral. Be wary of his soul burn. The second monster drops only diamonds or brigand at low rate.

Now you have to make it to the 9th floor. (Thanatos_9) The last key is the Black Key. All you have to do is talk to the Statue in the Upper Left corner and type in Key. Getting there is more than half the battle though… =P

The Really Tough Section: Charm Stones

Now that you have all the keys you can retrieve the Magical Stones. You must backtrack to obtain them. Recent updates have removed the warps back. Some choose to exchange their stones as they go. Despite this you will need to backtrack for the blue stone no matter what. The location of the mechanism for the Blue Charm Stone is on Floor 4; and the Blue Key is Floor 5. Therefore, it will take 2 trips.

BEFORE WARPING BACK TO TOWN: Please note that the Green Charm Stone is Located on Floor 10. Head to the next level and get it before warping back. Though this is unnecessary, it is more efficient.

Head back to town and run up the tower as fast as possible. When you get to the Statue for the magic Charm Stone type in the exact name (Case Sensitive) of the corresponding key. I have indicated stone locations on the floor maps. The original maps were obtained from; I simply highlighted the appropriate area with an ellipse.

Stone Locations:

Thanatos_4- Obtain Blue Charm Stone type in Blue Key (South Center)

Thanatos_5- Obtain Red Charm Stone type in Red Key (North East)

Thanatos_6- Obtain Black Charm Stone type in Key (North West) That’s right, you Do NOT type in Black Key you type in Key.

Thanatos_7- Obtain Yellow Charm Stone type Yellow Key (North East)

Thanatos_10- Obtain Green Charm Stone type Green Key (North Center)

See the description of each level for any possible screen shots for Stone Locations. The location is also marked on the Map for that level.

The exit portal for Level 9 is to the right.

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Tenth Level: Water, Neutral, Holy, Shadow, and Ghost.

Beware: The Green Stone is in the north, be wary of hidden Maero.

Thanatos Maero / Maero of Thanatos This second monster drops only diamonds or brigand at low rate.

Remember the Green Stone! There’s no going back for anyone who lingers and dies either. When you decide to leave the level: Leave Together. It happens quite often actually.

, , , ,

Now that you have all 5 Magic Charm Stones you have all quest items needed. Before moving on make sure that you have 4 fragments (Fragment of Sorrow, Agony, Hatred, and Despair). If you don’t have all of them: you can farm them on Floor 11. Except for: The Fragment of Hatred is only on Level 8. These Fragments are used on the roof level in the final summoning.

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Floor Eleven: Earth, Neutral, Holy, Shadow, and Ghost.


Thanatos Despero / Despero of Thanatos This monster has 2 kinds in game. This one drops all the equips and items. Undead, Large, Ghost 4. Tough. He is strongest in close range so stay back. Use Lex to speed things up or Turn Undead. The second monster drops only diamonds or brigand at low rate.

(Thanatos_11) Just head to the next level, the portal is to the right.

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Level Twelve: Ghost, Neutral, Holy, and Shadow.


Thanatos Odium / Odium of Thanatos. Only the second kind of Odium spawns on this level. This monster drops diamonds and brigand, no fragments. Remember to maintain pneuma vs grimtooth!

Put My Stone Where?!?

(Thanatos_12) Wow you’re almost there. This level we put our Charm Stones into the statues. You must put each Charm Stone in the correct corresponding Statue. The statue has the color at the base. The order is important.

1st Statue: use the Red Charm Stone in the Red Statue located left center on the map.

2nd Statue: has a Yellow glow at the base it uses Yellow Stone. Find it to the center right.

3rd Statue: is close to where you appear when you first get to the map uses Blue Stone.

4th Statue: uses the Black Stone, and is found in the top north.

5th Statue: bring the Green Stone to the bottom right corner. Move quickly and stay together!

This will open the warp in the center. Go!

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Final Summoning Procedure~

At this point, I suggest you take a screenshot of the awesome scenery. =D

Roof Level:

Now that you’re finally on the roof. You will need drops from the Thanatos monsters to activate the Final Thanatos Summoning. It’s in a particular order (of course).

When you use the Fragment the corresponding monster appears:

First is Despero:

Second is Dolor:

Third is Odium:

Fourth is Maero:

Last Step walk to the North Point and the monsters will spawn on you.

Once this wave of Thanatos mobs is dead Thanatos will appear.

Thanatos / Memory of Thanatos[MVP] (1) Spawn upon quest completion. Demon, Large, Ghost 4. Immune to Asura. Use immaterial ranged attacks to deal the most damage. Ice wall can be used to keep the MVP back, but if someone attacks from behind icewall the MVP will warp.

Teleporting is allowed on the roof. Use this to your advantage. Have one High priest always teleporting to safety during attacks. Once clear he/she can resurrect or redemptio as needed.

There’s also the drive by shooting technique. Solo Gypsy/Bard/Sniper stand out of range and targets the MVP. When the mvp turns to attack they warp away. Repeat.

If you have a good sized party: use ice walls to funnel the MVP and Land Protector to keep people alive. Devotion the damage dealers or a geared tank. Teleport when near death. Repeat. My last tip for killing him: always have the back-up Remeptio HP teleporting with fly wings – not the skill teleport (since SP will be gone after Redemptio).

Once again, I will refer you to the walkthrough I use as a base.

Any changes made for this server I have listed already. (Disclaimer* that I know of)

*More pictures coming soon*

Special Thanks To~ for always having information I need, and the pictures I want.

~The guild and allies for making Thanatos trips possible.

~PCManiac and Rosy~ My first guild-masters. They were my guides on my first Thanatos trip. They taught me how to do each part of the quest and linked to the original walkthrough.

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