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  • All values, concepts and gameplay methods are subject to alteration by you the developer.These are variables and are not written in stone guys.
  • Do not plagiarize this article. :evil:
  • Balancing any particular event is the sole responsibility of the Development team of your server.
  • Custom scripts are up to you.This is designed to provide suggestions,archive events and to get you to brainstorm
  • Enjoy!

Hide and Seek

Objective: To find the GM or Special Monster spawn on a selected map in return for prizes.

Large maps with many corners and buildings are good for this type of event.

Suggested Players: Medium/Large

Duration: 10 – 20 minutes


Objective: To answer the questions correctly

Doesn’t need much of a description.Topics and award system are left at the your discretion

Suggested Players: Small

Survival Arena AKA Devils Square

Objective: Stay alive till the end of the event
Players are placed in the arena and increasingly stronger monsters are spawned.The winners are awarded for survival.

Last man Standing

Objective: To kill everyone else

Any room is fine. More or less no rules.

Team Battle Royale

Objective: To defeat all other teams

Participants are invited to enter a medium/large sized room.(As a developer – Depending on the server size multiple maps to accommodate varying numbers of teams may be needed.)

All the participants need to be seated IN A LINE and preferably quiet, additionally large custom wings and other such items that obscure other players need to be removed during the start up and selection process.
The GM then chooses a suitable amount of team captains.
These captains,under the direction of the GM choose one player from the line one after each other until no players are left.

Nota Bene* – Keep in mind the maximum party size and the amount of people that wish to play
Odd players out can be given consolation prizes.

WOE settings should be in effect once the players are on the battleground.No teleportation , /nc should be Disabled etc. etc. -_-
The event should work in rounds of (3 to As much as you wish) where either

1.Prizes are given to all members of a team(Dead or alive) that win a round
2.Points are given to the winning team.The team with the most points at the end of the event wins (Leads to longer event time since more rounds may be needed)

Dead players can be transformed into ghosts.Completely Muted, True invisibility and can only be seen by other ghosts.After each round all ghosts are resurrected at their respective team spawn point.

Map Suggestions
A map with a central battleground with projections leading out from it is a ideal shape fr the map.The number of spokes can vary depending on the number of teams which would hint at the creation of multiple maps.

# of spokes should = # of teams

# of spokes should = # of teams

Also to discourage camping at the teams spawn point the a large portion of the central area can award buffs to the people occupying it with better buffs the more dead center you go.


Objective: To Roll a higher number than the all the participants in the group you are pitted against, ultimately in an attempt to win all successive elimination rounds.

Players are placed in groups of 2-4 and after a count down should use the /dice emoticon.The player with the highest number will qualify for the next elimination round.Draws result in the relevant people re-rolling.The rounds continue until a top 3 players are found.

Suggested Players: Small

Duration: 5 – 10

OMG Run for your Life!

Objective : In a small confined space with high level monsters the player must use a 1/1 Novice and try and pick up prizes.


Of course you dont have to always follow my ideas :P

A small map is ideal ,with very limited places to hide and multiple paths of movements(i.e. Not flat, Has corners or tiers).After the participants have arrived and the rules explained, high level monsters are summoned at strategic points in the room.Then the drops are given out by a cloaked GM.

Teleporting and/or @warp commands are also a plus since the average survival time of each inividual novice will be very low.This allows for people to attempt multiple times and enjoy themselves.
Duration: 10 – 20 mins

Suggested Players: Large

Heaven or Hell

Objective: To choose between two sections of a map where one section will result in instant death.

Player Will be warped into the middle of medium sized room.(A barbell is a ideal shape)The middle section shall be call ‘Purgatory’.

You can either use the same area repeatedly or Move to another area after each round

You can either use the same area repeatedly or Move to another area after each round

The players then have 10-15 seconds to move to one of the sides of the barbell O=O.At the end of the 20 seconds all the players in a randomly selected side will die. AFK players in Purgatory will also be killed to prevent any hold-ups.

Winners of each round will be warped back to the next section as seen below.

This process will repeat until all rounds are completed till only a few players remain after which awards are given out.

Ninja Time

Objective: To dodge the damaging spells and to stay alive for as long as possible
Players are warped into medium/small sized square room using lvl 1/1 Novice characters to play.It should be tiled like a checker board into a 3×3 grid.

Walls are around the entire area, Dark and light squares represent different tile colours

Walls are around the entire area, Dark and light squares represent different tile colours

Starting slowly at first. A marker(e.g. Casting Circle) is placed in one of the squares 2 seconds later a 3 Hit Meteor storm is cast into the marked cell.(1 second between each hit). To keep the participants quick on their feet the frequency of the Meteor storm is increased so they have to keep moving out of marked cells.

Also the players can be given a invincibility spell (Targets the caster- Duration 4 seconds) and a Increase agility spell( Targets the caster – 1.5 x more effective than iRO IncrAGI).The low maximum SP of novices means these spells can only be used once or twice.Perma(?) Endure may also be considered.

Award System
1.Last man/Men standing
2.Every X seconds remaining players are awarded a prize.The longer they survive the better the award

Nota Bene: Beware of making the Spell a circular AOE remember the cells are square in shape.Additionally make sure the stun lock will not result in being hit by all three meteors.In other words – Provide a chance to escape.

Obstacle Course / Minefield

Mine field Objective: To get to the other side with invisible mine traps randomly placed across the map with only a few lives as a 1/1 novice.

After dying you are warped back to the beginning.Mines that were set off do not respawn.You have 3 lives.
One can consider giving lvl 1 Attention concentrate as a way of revealing mines but not in a too widespread fashion.
Obstacle Course Objective : A more linear race type game where only the fastest player will receive awards dodge the pitfalls and be in the top ten(?) racers
A straight Course with Pitfalls(seen in the Archer job test/Athoyaya Dungeon where falling into it causes immediate death)

Players start of with a head start after which firewall is cast behind them which continuously moves up along the course.

Obstacles in order of difficulty

1. Only Pitfalls
2. Add Trees/Rocks Bushes – To obscure vision
3. Flasher, Weakened Ankle Snare , Blast mines (Extended timers)
4. Skid Traps, Weakened Sandmans
5. Talkie Boxes – To cheer them on! >:D
6. Freezing Traps, Land Mines, Claymores
7. Monsters (Preferably Slow Wspd, Decrease Agility/Curse casting, Stationary Monsters)
8. Be Creative

Top ten racers can receive premium awards while other contestants that actually finished the track can receive consolation prizes

Note to GMs: Remember to Keep a healthy balance of different types of Events so everyone has a fairly good chance of winning something.Don’t only create events that target donation players.

Also if you have any other ideas please feel free comment and i will try to add them~

Alistair Douglas – Also a ezine article writer(He hopes)

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