Ragnarok Commands (/commands)

Command Description
/aura Disable the aura of level 99 character.
/bgm Toggles background music on and off.
/breakguild [Guild Name] You will need to kick all guild members first
/bv [0-127] Adjusts the BGM volume.
/camera Toggles camera zooming on and off.
/chat Opens the create chatroom dialogue box.
/deal Trade or Deal Items
/effect Toggles effects on and off (like exit gates, and mage spells).
/emblem Toggles your guild emblem on and off
/ex Displays a list of all the characters you have ignored.
/ex [Character name] Ignores the specified character.
/exall Ignores all characters.
/expel [Character name] Will remove a character from the party, if you are
the party leader.
/fog Fog On/Off
/gc or /guildchat [Message] Guild Chat
/guild [Your name here] Creates a Guild, if you have an Emperium.
/h or /help Displays a list of commands and controls in the chat window.
/in [Character name] Un-ignores the specified character.
/inall Un-ignores all characters.
/itemsnap Snaps your cursor to pick up items on or off.
/leave Leaves your current party.
/memo Memorizes a warp point.
/miss Toggles miss notification on and off.
/noctrl or /nc lets you attack a monster continously without having to hold down the CTRL button. The first thing you’d probably type every session.
/noshift or /ns lets you use your magic on anyone or anything– including enemies and monsters.
/notalkmsg Message in public channel will not show in your chatbox.
/organize [Your party name here] This will allow you to create a party. You can
invite people into it by right clicking on them, and selecting the “invite to
party” option.
/q Leaves a chat room.
/savechat Saves your entire message log into a text file. It is located
in the folder “Chat”, in your RO directory.
/set1 include 3 command function together which is /noctrl + /showname + /skillfail
/showname Character name display in a diffrent font.
/sit Makes your character sit.
/skillfail No notice will be given when skill fail to function.
/skillsnap Snaps the skill cursor on or off.
/skip Toggles frame skip on and off. If this is off, RO will try to render
every frame, even if it will slowdown the game in the process. If this is on,
RO will drop frames to keep up a smooth game.
/snap Snaps the battle cursor on or off.
/sound Toggles sound effects on and off.
/stand Makes your character stand.
/tip Displays the tip of the day.
/v [0-127] Adjusts the sound effect volume.
/w or /who Displays number of players online.

Displays your current location (map name and XY coordinates).

16 Responses to “Ragnarok Commands (/commands)”

  1. In /noshift the other option is /ns not /nc

  2. In /guild is not necessarily your name that must be put… Newbies may not understand this…

  3. also add

  4. You could just put Alt-C for the chat room and Alt-P to show the party, Alt-G to show the guild, Alt-f4 to quit RO and Prt Scr SysRq to take a picture! It’s easy as 1,2, 3!

  5. you forget ‘/lightmap’ (the one that apply shadow and light effects to the map)

  6. btw you can find many more /commands here:

    but I’m not sure if all of them is on eathena

  7. Is there a way to keep your merchant shop running even after u log out?

  8. yes @at or @autotrade

  9. how can i show the amount of experience gained by my character in chat window?

  10. what kind of command to make the character float/fly?

  11. During PVP, I find it hard to click the enemy coz often times the cursor shows my character’s name, is there a command that always shows the enemy’s name?

  12. is there a command for auto attack??

  13. How to set the party chat not pop up. What’s the command to chat with party in main chat box?

  14. How to chick online people on server?

  15. An example of character name:

    Baby (Cute Devil)

    how do you make the name in bracket appear?

  16. What was the command to see only my damage and not that of the others, or only my name and not that of the rest?

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