Builds for Gunslinger

All builds here NOT include buffs, potions and equipment.

Always remember to take into account the equipment loaded and the buffs of the character that you will include the build.

All buffs take into account the basic Gunslinger buffs and potion of wild fury.

Pistol \ Galtling Gunner Agi \ Dex
(Build with Acucray enabled Increase)

Str 21+4
Agi 85 5
Vit 29 +1
Int 22 +2
Dex 97+13
Luc 1+7

HP: 5863
SP: 415

ASPD (Pistol): 163.3
ASPD (Pistol): 179.5 with Last Stand, Bersek Potion and Increase Acuracy
ASPD (Galtling Gun): 163.3
ASPD (Galtling Gun): 187 with Last Stand, Bersek Potion, Increase Acuracy and Galtling Fever activated


Snake Eyes 10
Single Action 10
Chain Action 10
Trigger Happy Shot 9
Despair 10
Galtling Fever 10
Coin Flip 5
Increase Acuracy 1
Cracker 1
Coin Fling 1
Triple Action 1
Last Stand 1

A good build MVP, returned to ASPD of Galtling Gunner. You also have to mobar Desperado, despite the low Vit.

Pistol \ Galtling Gunner Hybrid
(Build with Acucray enabled Increase)

Str 22+4
Agi 65+5
Vit 59 +1
Int 22 +2
Dex 97+13
Luc 1+7

HP: 7216
SP: 415

ASPD (Pistol): 158
ASPD (Pistol): 176.5 with Last Stand, Bersek Potion and Increase Acuracy
ASPD (Galtling Gun): 158
ASPD (Galtling Gun): 185 with Last Stand, Bersek Potion, Increase Acuracy and Galtling Fever activated.


Snake Eyes 10
Single Action 10
Chain Action 10
Trigger Happy Shot 9
Despair 10
Galtling Fever 10
Coin Flip 5
Increase Acuracy 1
Cracker 1
Coin Fling 1
Triple Action 1
Last Stand 1

This is the version with more Vit, for those who can not live without good dose of that attribute. They are more stable and resistant to the Agi \ Dex, however, are harder to uPAR.

Pistol \ Rifle Gunner Crit Hybrid
(Build with Acuracy enabled Increase)

Str 4 +4
Agi 76 5
Vit 39 +1
Int 16 +2
Dex 97 13
Luc 33+7

HP: 6314
SP: 395

ASPD (Pistol): 160.9
ASPD (Pistol): 170.2 with Bersek Potion and Increase Acuracy
ASPD (Rifle): 158.2
ASPD (Rifle): Increase Acuracy with 168.1 and Bersek Potion


Snake Eyes 10
Single Action 10
Chain Action 3
Trigger Happy Shot 5
Despair 10
Tracking 10
Wounding Shot 5
Disarm 5
Coin Flip 5
Increase Acuracy 1
Cracker 1
Magical Bullet 1
Coin Fling 1
Gunslinger’s Panic 1
Bull’s Eye 1

A bit of everything. Dex high for a good Hit and damage, Agi high to improve their elusive and ASPD, Vit median for reasonable points of life and good luck for a median rate of Critics (With a Cyclone Soldiers with two skeletons, you get to 41% of Crit ). I confess that this is my favorite.

Pistol \ Shotgun \ Launch Grenades-Vit / Dex WOE
(Build without Acucray Increase)

Str 24 +4
Agi 1 +1
Vit 89 +1
Int 40 +2
Dex 91 9
Luc 9 +7

HP: 8569
SP: 475

ASPD (Pistol): 140.6
ASPD (Pistol): 153.1 with Bersek Potion
ASPD (Shotgun \ Launch Grenades): 72.8
ASPD (Shotgun \ Launch Grenades): 99.6 with Bersek Potion.


Snake Eyes 10
Single Action 10
Tracking 7
Wounding Shot 5
Disarm 5
Crowd Control Shot 3
Full Blast 9
Spread Shot 7
Gunslinger’s Mine 10
Coin Flip 1
Coing Fling 1
Cracker 1

The build more WOE of Gunslinger. He has the skills of negative effect on enemies, the skills of grenade to put traps and the Shotgun to cause damage in area (for mob control). Be aware that this build muuito is difficult to train, you’ll need a lot of help and effort.

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36 Responses to “Builds for Gunslinger”

  1. What is Triger Happy Shot Skill?

  2. Look, in my guns in the server that im playing now(RO) I didnt found yet, and this strange

    I had this skill at other server but im not founding at that

    Like, if u put on Google it will appear many things about him

    I dont know why isnt appearing in the server that im playing now


  3. Trigger Happy Shot is the same as Rapid Shower. It has the icon with the lock-on target and a 5.

  4. Just plain stats alocations , a begginer wouldn’t understand wich build should go wich way and will finally would end up in a deadend.

  5. I cant even understand what these skills are!! some of theme are not in the database

  6. thats cuz its different name with diff servers in diff places in the world lol i kno every1 of those skills cuz in my last server the skills were called by those names Trigger Happy Shot is the same as Rapid Shower and Last Stand is Madness Canceller

  7. Didn’t liked

    I mean I would like more explanation on how does it work each build…
    In the las t build (the woe one) spread shot wont do any damage, better use it for inflict status and coin flip at lvl 1? Do u want to get at least 5 coins with that lvl?

  8. can i ask question can you help me the build of sinx fast breaker type and pvp type thx^^

  9. do you know where to get awsome weepons?
    um…like soldiers handgun.or something?

  10. Another build i’ve found interestig is getting a racial carded rifle which medium agi and maxed dex and vit, Get a clown to use Poem of Bragi/Magical Strings on you and spam Tracking. This works even better if you can manage to get a beelzebub card.

  11. what’s despair skill??

  12. Do you know what the best pistol for gunslinger?, and where obtained it?,

    please reply.

    Thank’s ^_^

  13. Either a Garrison, a western outlaw, or in pvp, a soldier handgun.

  14. Supposedly outlaw pistols are the best type of pistols fir PVM.

    I’m having trouble trying to think at what cards would help the most for a PVM Desperado/TriggerHappy Gunslinger.

    I don’t know if the ranged attk bonuses for archers apply to Gunslingers. I’m just having trouble on what cards to get for my build. Can someone help me out?

    ~Much Appreciated~

  15. I think the best skill of gunslinger’s desperado. heavy damage, and less delay, which able to take even Vit-LK down in no time. So my build always base on dex and vit ,and a little str for carry item.

    PVM also easy , you can party with prist or knight to lure undead, or dark mob, and finsh them with your silver bullet, and desperado.

  16. Hurm..
    well, i have a gunslinnger..
    I use western outlaw for weapon…
    I play dex n agi 99…
    Aspd 176 after i use awakening potion..
    Hp just 4K..
    Is is Ok?…
    Or should I change my stats?..

  17. use Berserk pot…
    Get agi and dex equip, in that way you dont need 99
    and then, spend points in vit..
    Good Luck.

  18. what is “uPAR” and “mobar” means?

  19. Which one is better?
    The Pistol\Gattling Agi\Dex build or the Pistol\Gattling Hybrid build?

  20. i thing pistol..desperado,
    use element scroll.increase dmg

  21. wer can i find a foot gear and armor for my gunslinger?

  22. how about the recommended items for the builds?

  23. How to reduce the cast of tracking?

  24. when it comes to handguns these are the best guns for each build. Desperado build: 2 slot Garrison, Dex/Agi build: 2 slot Western/Wasteland Outlaw.

    btw Crimson Bolts are good ONLY as a beginner’s gun while you hunt for either Garrisons or Wasteland Outlaws. DO NOT be tricked into buying +10 Crimson Bolts at high prices

  25. … ‘ how should i reduce the cast of tracking.. ????? ! hmmm..

  26. with the full battlegrounds set, you can set DEX to 120, with increase accuracy, and you get crazy damage…for pvp, best is Soldiers Handgun, for PVM, a carded Western Outlaw do the Job

    my build goes for
    99 DEX
    85 VIT
    19 AGI
    9 LUK
    6 STR

    19 AGI is for reducing the Desperado delay (with the battleground set) which goes to 0,8 sec, and a HIGH DPS

  27. guys if you dont know a gs why dislike this? if you wanna play RO before you create a char you should know what to do first so thou you dont know what the gs skills are for at first? you should study them and then make your own gs… DEX INT VIT is the best. Agi i wasted my agi 11 doesnt have effect in anyways. desperado so cool even at level 50 desperado 9 amazing!!!

  28. How about tracker type Gunslinger ?

  29. @bubuplaks

    Tracker type only worths if you use a KVM rifle +9, which is prerty hard to obtain

  30. Skill Names

    Bull’s Eye
    Chain Action
    Coin Fling
    Coin Flip
    Crowd Control Shot [dust]
    Desperado [despair]
    Full Blast [full buster]
    Gatling Fever
    Gunslinger Mine [ground drift]
    Gunslinger’s Panic [adjustment]
    Increase Accuracy
    Last Stand [madness canceller]
    Magical Bullet
    Single Action
    Snake Eyes
    Spread Shot [spread attack]
    Trigger Happy Shot [rapid shower]
    Triple Action
    Wounding Shot [piercing shot]

  31. What is the recommended build? I mean its really complicated for beginners to build a hybrid slingers.

  32. What should I do if I want to stick with Pistols till the end?
    DEX/AGI ? wth about Skills I should level? Happy Trigger Shoot is a H3ll of party to use! XD

  33. Let me introduce the Marksman/AutoTracking Build to all of you!It is basically a DEX/AGI gunslinger with 190 aspd,maxed rifle skills and a specified weapon-Long Barrel.Now,I know what you\’re thinking,relax and let me break it down to you as it allowed me to hunt and kill many 3rd jobs (either their VERY noob,or their computer lags like hell cause they never thought about engaging me even though I was firing like crazy at the back).First of all,you need high DEX (maxed to be precise) for damage and high AGI (maxed too actually) to trigger its auto Tracking function more frequently (A Berserk Potion might help too).You will need INT and LUK as well to boost your rifle skills (most in INT and additional stats in LUK or if you prefer,STR or VIT).Many people underestimate the power of Marksmen-Built gunslingers in player hunting (PVP or WOE),though I would admit that this build consumes quite alot of time.Note:Long Barrel requires at least lvl70 in order to use it.If anyone has any questions,I will gladly answer them.If anyone wants other speciallist builds posted (yes there are others),inform me and tell me the type of weapon you want posted and I will do so ASAP.Happy NICE BOATing!!!(don\’t understand the word NICE BOAT?Google it,its a well-known meme)

  34. For newcomers,a speciallist build is certainly recommended as it is much simpler to make.

    Dex/Agi Builds:The universal build for gunslingers.Despite so,Revolver and Gatling builds benefits far more from this build as they are more focused on speed.

    Dex/Int Builds:For gunslingers who utilises the power of their skills to deal extreme damage to their enemies.Most recommended builds are Riflemen and Grenadiers.

    Dex/Vit/Int Builds are not listed here as they are,in my opinion,hybrids.

  35. I got a briliant idea for Gunslingers’ 2nd job.Here we go:

    Einbroch,the metal city,is home to the hundreds of Gunslingers training and serving under Lady Selena.They strived to make Einbroch a better place for its citizens by keeping the monster populations around the city in check.Despite the strict rules of the guild on firearms control ,Master Howerl,Master Miller’s best friend and fellow drillmaster,revolted against Lady Selena with the help of gunslingers whom he enlisted for his cause.Because of Master Miller’s intervention,the revolt ultimately failed and Lady Selena expelled Master Howerl as well as those who revolted against her.Outraged,Master Howerl and his fellow gunslingers,now called Outlaws created a guild at Einbech and sworn revenge on Lady Selena and his former comrade Master Miller someday.Lady Selena ordered the loyalist gunslingers,now renamed Legionairres, to receive more advanced special training in order to fight off Master Howerl’s Outlaws should further conflict arises.

    My vision of Outlaws is that they prioritize power and AOE attacks and destruction,so Revolvers,Gatlings,Shotguns and Grenade Launchers are their main weapon of choice and their skills revolve around large AOE and high damage modifiers.

    Legionairres,however will be focused on further improving existing skills and more debuffs,so Revolvers,Rifles and Shotguns will be their main weapons of choice.

    Between Lady Selena’s Legionairres and Master Howerl’s Outlaws,who will you fight for?

  36. can gunslingers wear the ROFL and ROR? if not, what accessories do you recommend?

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