Creator Guide for Second Edition Woe

Creator Guide


I’ve chosen to write this guide because of all the horrible creators that I see who think it’s all just ADADADADADAD. So why Creator? They have one of the highest DPS in the game. And they have a Homunculus auehauehauehauehauehaueh. No, I’m kidding. I’m not going to cover any pvp aspects because pvp is just a way to raise one’s e-penor when really, pvp doesn’t mean a thing. This guide is strictly woe. This means, no leveling guide, no trashy builds, and NO pvp guide. I’m not going to teach you how to brew either. You can learn those things via other ways. Everything in here is written for Second Edition woe.

Table of Contents:

1) Stat build

2) Equipment

3) Skill build

4) What to do in woe

1) Stat build

Now for this part, there are three types of creators. SPP creators, DPS creators, and FCP creators.

You: Wait a minute… I thought creator was pure AD?

Me: Wrong and a big slap in the face. SPP creators on a high int bragi are VERY good. It will almost eliminate the need to pot. They will be using SPP 24/7, no excuses. DPS Creators are spamming AD 24/7. With the need to spam so fast and for so long, there needs to be a 3rd type of creator to do FCP. [Full Chemical Protection] SPP = [Slim Potion Pitcher].

DPS Creators:

Str: 1 You already have an increased weight skill. You don’t need more.
Agi: 25 Bragi reduces AD’s after-cast delay so much that the only way to increase DPS is to reduce animation delay
Vit: 1 Not needed
Int: 99 Do I need to explain why? You should know.
Dex: 99 Read above
Luk: 1 No. Never.

SPP Creators:

Str: 1 No
Agi: Leftovers
Vit: Enough for 97 total for anti-stun. Example: 86+11 = 97.
Int: 1 Not needed
Dex: 99
Luk: 1 No. Get out.

FCP Creators:

Same as SPP Creators

2) Equip build

DPS Creator:

Headgear: +5 Dark Bacilium with a stalactic golem. Very easy to get. Must have
Mid: Sunglasses with Isilla
Lower: Gangster Mask or G.Pipe
Armor: Valkyrie Armor with Evil Druid. Very easy to get. Must have
Weapon: Elemental Sword with 3 Cecil Damon cards. More aspd = faster AD. Nuff said
Shield: Thorny Shield with Thara Frog Card and Horn Card.
Garment: Diabolus Manteau with a Noxious. Easy
Shoes: Diabolus Boots with a Matyr card. Easy
Accessory: Horn of the Buffalo with a Smokie card. Easy
Accessory: Medallion

SPP Creator:

Headgear: Feather Beret
Mid: Sunglasses with Nightmare
Lower: Gangster Mask or G.Pipe
Armor: Elite Engineer Armor with Evil Druid
Weapon: Main Gauche with 4 Cecil Damon cards
Shield: Valkyrja’s Shield with Thara Frog and Horn card.
Garment: Captain’s Manteau with a Noxious
Shoes: Battle Greaves with Green Ferus
Accessory: Orlean’s Gloves with a Zerom
Accessory: Orlean’s Gloves with a Zerom

FCP Creator: Same as above.

3) Skill Build

DPS Creators:

Skill builds should be self explanatory for first job but please get at least level 1 mammonite.

As for trans, get AD level 10, SPP level 10, and FCP level 4. That’s right. No Homunculus skill tree.

SPP Creators:

First job, don’t make me explain.

As for second, get the entire homunculus skill tree and get a lif. Why? Emergency Avoid > Speed potions. Also get SPP level 10.

FCP Creators:

First job.. I’m gonna stop there.

Same as SPP Creators with FCP level 5

4) What to do in Woe

DPS Creators:

How to play in woe-

AD everyone you see except enemy creators as they probably have 1 vit. Use mammonite on your own party members [yes that's right, your own members] to move around in your mob instead of clicking. Do it by pressing your mammonite button and clicking their name in the party menu.

SPP Creators:

Seriously? SPP. That’s all.

FCP Creators:

SPP when no one needs FCP.

You can copy and paste this and say it’s yours. I don’t care. Just stop being baddies.

27 Responses to “Creator Guide for Second Edition Woe”

  1. i use almost the same SPP build and guilds wont accept me cause they think im noob for not having AD.. :))

    about the DPS build,
    i usually use stalactic golem[2 if possible], meteor plate, and flame skull .
    valk armor and dark bacilium is kinda expensive lol

    screw my devo, i wont wear a thara.. let him do the potting XD

  2. I don’t agree with a small part of the AD type’s equipment.
    A proxy skin fragment is way better than a diablo’s manteau.
    HotB combo is shit. You can get 190 aspd with a continental guard seal and a valk shield.

    A dps build shouldn’t get spp 10. It’s not needed. Rather get a lif for the free speed pot[longer duration too]

  3. Well, originally this was for my server, but I decided to post it to RMS as well. The people on my server don’t like going “Full Support” or “Full DPS” They like hybrids. ._. Stupidest shit ever. Proxies drop at 0.01% on my server x]. Had to find a nice sub and the pinoys here don’t do quests so… go figure x].

  4. I’d go for a marc card in armor, a jakk in the proxy / diabolus and a waterdrop brooch as 2nd accessory (after medalion).
    With sniper FAS nerf, hightest dps on creator is MS and SG.

  5. Storm Gust isn’t that much of a problem if you know how to counter it ^_^. Meteor Storm is just LOL.

  6. theres something called devo for dps creos…

  7. Also I’d go weaponless.

  8. Going weaponless is only a better choice if the opposing guild has imba gypsies like Kimmy or Kailly, lol otherwise, you’re better off going with the elemental sword, unless you’re getting slow graced all the time

  9. Quick question:
    Doesn’t dark bac take up all three slots of headgears? If so, there shouldn’t be the space for isillia sunnies and gangster masks, no?
    Otherwise, RMS and Amenasi seems to have the wrong description.

  10. @syphilis:
    “With sniper FAS nerf, hightest dps on creator is MS and SG.”

    Well, Snipers covers a large area which makes devos without Defender up drop really fast, it doesn’t need to be focused to be effective.


    Yes, all three slots.

  11. Evil Druid = Undead element armor
    Undead Element Lv 1 = 125% vs fire
    Valk = -20% from fire
    1.25*0.2=0.25 = 25% less dmg from Fire using ED
    This means that with valk and ED you get 100% from fire and that just killed the extra dmg from fire using an ED armor.

    So having ED and enemie using MS means nothing since is normal dmg and you’re even anti-stone and other stuff.

    Marc makes you get stoned by FAS smart snipers =p

    Aside that error with the headgears because dark bash uses the 3 slots, the guide is actually good.

  12. I’ve chosen to write this guide because of all the horrible creators that I see who think it’s all just ADADADADADAD.

    4) What to do in Woe

    DPS Creators:

    How to play in woe-

    AD everyone you see

    Yeah. Pro guide buddy. ;D

  13. ;)

    It’s not all about AD. I didn’t mention positioning or keeping your pally alive.

    Also knowing who to target as well.

    For example, if you had 2 targets in range, a Biochemist and a Scholar, obviously you’d chose the scholar. However, some situations require different choice in targeting.

    An example would be an enemy biochemist mis-clicking.

    You’d want to AD him to hitlock him from getting back to the guild, and stacking DPS so the second he gets dispelled, instant drop.

  14. “Creator Guide for Second Edition Woe
    Posted on May 11th, 2010 by xNico”

    i knew by then, this guide is a f4il

  15. Thanks for sharing,Join us to start sharing your reviews.

  16. hello, a question, why is it that you say you need to move through your party members using mammonite?

  17. ^ to move around your guild mob.

    Equip build is outdated for 2011.

    Weapon: Knife (less weight) with 4 Cecil Damons
    Shield: Valk Shield with Horns (More redux so you dont kill your devo, you won’t need the aspd anyways cause you can get 190 aspd with assassin cross song from clown)
    Garment: Proxy with Noxious (you don’t need more HP cause you’ll be devod, just get redux to save your pally)
    Accessories: 2 Orleans Gloves with 2 Zeroms (Get at least 148/149 dex, with bragi it rapes.)

  18. lolz, use cart revolution to target ur guildies instead of wasting 1 skill point on mammonite

  19. hello well i am new in this game and there a lot of things that i dont undestand like whe you guys say AD spp and stuff like that i barely undestand would someone pls explain to me, ^^ i had alredy got the LK things coz i had already built a LK and it a really good one if i might say so if someone pls explain me some short of stuff i need to lean ^^

    ps-plus english is my 3th language so it hard to undestand sometime

  20. @Carmasi
    hello, so you are new in this business huh?
    well, AD stands for Acid Demonstration,
    SPP stands for Slim Potion Pitcher,
    and as far as i can see, this guide has had almost everything you need to hit your way as a creator,
    don`t forget to check out creator skill list here
    it got full description bout the skills,
    well, good luck outta there

  21. So what stat will affect or increase the healing rate of spp??

  22. good guide..for equips?hmmm..
    .UpHG=gold RWC dagon helm(geminis58=30% resist to stun and 50% resist to stone) / parade hat=10% resist to stun(stalactic golem=20% resist to stun)
    .MidHG=sunglasses(Stalactic golem=20% resist to stun)
    .LowHG=well-chewed pencil / g.pipe
    .VA=ED(Evil druid) va=50%resist to stun merchant/thief/swordie class
    .Elemental sword=2pcs doppel card 1pc drops card or centipede larva card / elemtal sword=3pcs drops cards / 3pcs centipede larva card / 3pcs cecil damon card / CK(combat knife)
    .proxy=noxious card / diabolus man2= noxious card
    .v.shield=horn card / thara frog card / thorny shield= horn card / thara frog card
    .variant shoes / Glorious shoes /diabolus boots=matyr card(maxhp+10% agi+ 1)
    .bison horn=zerom card / alligator card / smokie card / horong card
    .orlean’s gloves=zerom card / alligator card / smokie card / horong card
    int 99
    dex 99
    agi 25 / if with doppel card, no need agi coz 2 doppel cards=189aspd go for str so that you can bring more pots and bottles..
    note: better to have +stat food / awakening pots / box of gloom
    / you can use first aid skill so that you can do 1 cell needs practice..>..<

  23. ^ my guide above is for woe build..>.<

  24. ^ my guide above is for DDchem type / damage dealer biochem type..have a nice day!…>.<

  25. @jams
    You wasted a headgear slot by inserting a Gemini card without the required stats
    “When base AGI is at or higher than 90, gain +30% resistance to [Silence] and [Stun]
    When base VIT is at or higher than 80, +50% resistance to [Stone] and [Sleep]”
    Your build has neither agi or vit.
    That helm won serve a purpose other than looking pretty.

  26. Any bragi which was under 130 int was shit. You only need 100 int to reach the 0.1 second delay. The highest int was the best. Anything under 130 was shit.

    bg medal was never good. medal is worse than nimble OG when fully buffed, and doesn’t increase DPS when unbuffed. Not only that, throwing bombs was impossible with a medal when you lost bless. In the old meta creos got dispelled a lot.

    “Mid: Sunglasses with Isilla”

    Nice joke. You need stun immunity.

    SPP didn’t use feather beret (except maybe some br guilds) you used either aoa or ulle’s cap with nightmare or giearth.

    SPP needed HoB+thorny switch to help when slow graced.

    There is no such thing as FCP creator, because during a gvg you should be spamming spp or ad. AD creos are the FCPers during gvgs because no spp = dead guild.

    Creos couldn’t use ED, you would die instantly if the lp under you got ganbanteind and you had no devo, also holy element sharpshoot > ED.

    Noxious card on AD creos was necessary when FA and north wind became popular, but that could be a bit later on. When sharpshoot became used in SE nox was probably an okay choice.

  27. To clarify, SPP creos needed ED, couldn’t afford to be stoned. Only AD creos needed marc.

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