Stalker Emergency Call Build For WoE SE

Stalker – There are basically four types of builts for stalker taking PvP into account.But i have no time post all that builts here.  Everything in here is written for Second Edition woe.  [Emergency Call Build]

Table of Contents:

1) Stat build

2) Equipment

3) Skill build

4) What to do in woe

Stats Build

Str: Left Overs You Know Why…
Agi: Not Needed
Vit: 99 Yes u need max your vit
Int: Not Yet All [You Won't Be SGing all-over the place]
Dex: 99
Luk: 1 No. Never.

Equip build

Headgear: Feather Beart
Mid: Sun Glasses Maya Purple Card/Nightmare Card
Lower: G.pipe
Armor: Thief Clothes Marc Card.Evil Druid
Weapon: Knife [4] with four fabre cards
Shield: Valkyrie Shield Thara Card
Garment: Wool Scraf Raydric Card
Shoes: Tidal Shoes Green Ferus card
Accessory: Nimble Orleans Gloves
Accessory: Orleans Gloves Horong Card/Marine Sphere Card

Skill Build

Skill builds should be self explanatory for first job but please get at least level 1 Detoxify.

As for trans, get Palagrism level 10, Full strip level 5, Preserve level 1, Reject Sword left Overs.Remove Trap

What to do in Woe

You will need to copy Flying Side Kick [FSK].Your main job is to be as hidden as possible and when your guild sticks together you will need to stick with the guild because your guild members can get the extra stats points from the skills in Guild [Press Alt+G].Your job apart from ecall is to full strip when your enemy guild is on FCP then seriously your jobless.

16 Responses to “Stalker Emergency Call Build For WoE SE”

  1. Terrible.

  2. you can’t get preserve, full strip and remove trap.

  3. terribad.

  4. lamers.. =.=

  5. 97 total VIT is enough, u don’t need to maximize it. Also some points in INT are useful, just to avoid Heaven’s Drive while Hidding from FS Profs.

    About the equipment, I think it’d be better to use VA w ED (if u can, enchanted with VIT+3) and a CK. Tidal + Wool is an old combo, DManteau combo is better (DManteau + DBoots) and I dunno if it’s better to use Proxy’s Skin as well. For WOE, Noxious > Raydric. U don’t need to use Zerom and Orlean Gloves cause if ur gonna UC u don’t need so high DEX.

    With the skills, aaaaaa is right: U can’t get Preserve + FS + Remove Trap + Reject Sword. The most useful skills are Preserve, with FKS, and Remove Trap.

  6. Someone please AD him. :D

  7. Acid Demonstration will send you faster to hell than jigoku shoujo.

  8. VIT build???? you may have Ghost armor to resist Acid Demons, but still, you dead by Sonic Blow !

    Use this build for EC Stalker type :

    AGI 99
    DEX 99
    STR/INT 25
    VIT 1
    LUK 1

    Head upper : Slotted headgear (with flee boost is better) + Stalactic Golem Card, or if you rich, use Orc Hero Card.
    Head middle : Dark Blinder
    Armor : UNREFINED armor with Dimik Card (this will reduce your Vit to 0)
    Shield : Cranial Valk Shield, but if you rich, use GTB Card.
    Garment : +9/+10 Rider Insignia [Ninetail]
    Footgear : +9/+10 BLB [Matyr]
    Accs : 2 pcs Bison Horn Kukre / 2 pcs Nimble Orlean
    weapon : Dagger with 4 Seal Cards & dagger with 4 Drops Cards

    Skills :
    Improve Dodge 10
    Tunnel Drive 5
    Stealth 5
    Full Strip 5
    and any other skills you like

    Note :
    -this build perfectly dodge Acid Demons
    -this build have great Flee to dodge Sonic Blow
    -but with 0 vit, take care with status ailments
    -and even you have Ghost Armor, any type of Champion will kill you easily.
    -so this build not recommended for noob, you need to know how this build works.

  9. Horrible.

  10. This guide is horrible. It doesn’t have any detail and all the equips are severely out of date.

    As for the max vit vs 97 situation, well…pros & cons.

    About Proxy & D boots vs BG set, it’s pretty much the same against Asura (if you have 57% demi-human resist) although Proxy should be better since you are reducing damage further, meaning pots heal a higher % of the damage you receive.

    You are wrong about accessories. High dex is very important because when you are unhid and have ruwach/sight around you, you need to restealth before you get Asurad. And you will be FSKing

    You are also wrong about the garment card. You should switch to Raydric and Thara because you will get champs firing off at you and maybe SBs.

    But yes, Valk Armor after BG armor.

  11. for the armor you can use padded armor with armor charm, that can increase your def
    and you use cowardice blade with 5 def, for cards you can use drops or fabre

    acc use rosary[1] with aligator card or safety ring
    shield, use bradium shield, that can increse your MHP by 500 point

  12. ellow everyone i hav come to share my opinyon 2 u
    my stats:

    str: 55
    agi: 60
    int: 10
    vit: 10
    dex: 75
    luk: 50

    if yu dont like it ls dont hurt me coz me am only 1 yrs old

    im a adik heehee
    if u want 2 chat w/ me find the name – Soul_Thief -

  13. its stats for thief guide

  14. are you seriously a stalker for woe?
    if you are, try to help your guild by SGing ( at least that is what i did)
    why don`t you try this build:
    int : 99
    dex : 99
    vit : leftovers
    therefore, you should have a LK or paladin besides you, or else you will die quick for sure /gg

  15. kanjut cara licik mantab..!

  16. Actually today many servers disable FSK and High Jumps when on WOE

    so FSK is not applicable to use

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