The Lord Knight Pure Bowling Bash Build!


This is the second part of my lord knight build guide.  for those who love bowling bash skill read my discussion first before some lunatic judge my guide.  I am not considering my self the best lord knight in Ragnarok Online but i want to prove to anyone that lord knight has the ability to maximize its damage output and kill anyone with ease by using bowling bash skill.

Thanks to those who inspire me to do this guide and hope my guide  help  to anyone who wants to become a lord knight.  all data here is based on my SAVD lord knight in valkyrie server.  take note that ghostring, orc lord, orc hero and taugunka boss card does not exist in our server..

Name: Lord Goriotep 99/70 SAVD Bowling Bash Build



str 96

agi 50

vit 70 ++++++++++ [ lord knight exists because of two reasons, to be a tanker and damage dealer ]

int 1

dex 50

luk 1

stat explanation – we all know there’s  numerous  build for an LK.

SVD[ str vit dex ]  which give durability and versatility  and sky high HP.

SAL[ str agi luk ] which give crit luk to enemy. and other builds such as pure spiral, 1 hand sword and spear LK..

Combining the best of both worlds of SVD and SA except LUK, the SAVD-type offers better versatility at least on my mind =).

LORD KNIGHTS–> The Lord Knight’s skills are a good balance of offense and defense

–>    can achieve 190atpsd easily. [ agi=1.. berserk pots+ two hand quicken + berserk skill]

–>( variety, numerous build) pure bowling, pure spiral and bowling spiral

–> highest HP modifier in game

Recommended equips:

headgear: Large baphoment horn, baphomet horn, hockey mask, Blush of groom,

armor : Deadly valk armor, diabolous armor

shield cranial: VAlk shield, stone buckler

weapon:combat knife/+7-9 tens[3] 1 hydra 2 2 sword guardian card

1hand glorious spear/ 1 hand BG sword/+10[4] carded blade

and my all time favorite two hand sword = EXECUTIONER[1][0]

garment: +7-10 immune/deviant valk mant

shoes  variant

accesories 2 pcs medal of honor, clip of mustle

equipment set:  the best gears for an LK>>high upgrades of GLORIOUS SET, VALK SET DIABOLOUS SET tidal/wool combo

Skills: (for my build)

sword mastery at 1
ths mastery at 10
thq at 10
parry at 10
auto-counter at 10
Bowling bash at 10
bash at 10
provoke at 5 or 6
endure at 5 or 6
spear mastery at 5
pierce at 10
spear dynamo at 5
aura blade at 5
spear stab at 1.
magnum break at 5-6
peco riding
cavalier mastery at 5
increase recovery at 10.

(or you could just take 5 points from pierce and place them at sword mastery to increase damage of 1 hand sword)



just browse this site–>>

where you can learn how to perform it. it has the ability to cast bowling bash twice in a second that mades bowling bash powerful skill unlike  spiral pierce which depends on weapons weight..

Vs palladin

Obviously they hurt themselves. all you have to do is tank their sacri/rs damage and give them the best can use berserk skill IF you notice that your damage has an average output of 1k-1.5k per hit.we all know that paladin are the best tanker among all job in ragnarok  but for a lord knight which has a powerful skills and good equipment  anyone on his path will surely die =)

Vs Sniper

Kill him/her before he set  combo traps .. use charge attack +bowling bash combo

Vs Champion

All you have to do is observe their casting time.. if he/she cast too slow he has a powerful damage and both of you will surely die.. try to bash them first using  executioner with two hand quicken and wait for the STUN effect.  if its fail try to tank their asura and make sure after receiving damage  from  EF chase them with your DANCE bowling bash

BE wise when killing champ. dec agi slow your attack speed.  just use BERSERK skill wisely.

Vs Assasin Cross

This one is my favorite target. when you and sinx start to fight all you can see on your screen is bloodshed. kill him first before he kills you =)

Vs High Wizard

Use unfrozen/ deadly valk armor or switch to elemental armor such as wind armor so that the jupitel thunder damage will reduce. for me HW is a mob damage dealer. some HW are very experienced in pvp they set  combos like sniper. storm gust hurt as hell so try to tank its damage while attacking them.also try to stun +bowling bash them.

Vs Party

All i can say is enjoy it . tank their damage and attack them kill them nasty and quick.  LOL

Vs Other job…

Use both def set and attack set on every situation. acid bomb hurt as hell just make sure you kill him and prevent him to cast acid bomb. same to other jobs make sure you kill him first before he  kills you.

other photos.. friends. guildmates hehe

52 Responses to “The Lord Knight Pure Bowling Bash Build!”

  1. This is crap. worthless and sad.

  2. awesome, your guide is a pure shit

  3. vs. mastersmiths ?

  4. FREE to trashtalk, and comment about my guide ,, suggestions are much appreciate here ^^

  5. …..use this
    *katana+10[hydra,hydra,sword guardian,sword guardian]
    *meteor plate+whatever you think is enough[peco2 egg/marc/hatii(if you can)]
    *why use a variant?it’s effect is max hp&sp(which should be tiny as you int is 1)+20%,just use tidal shoes+7 or higher with a martyr card(with tidal’s effect combined with a wool scarf of max hp+10% and another 10% from martyr),plus you’ll get extra def from the refine rates
    *wool scarf+7 or higher with raydric card
    *2 expert rings with both filled with osiris cards
    *headgear with orc hero inside

    my server’s 255 points max so just reduce the scale similar to your server’s max points
    *str 255
    *agi enough to reach max aspd if you use two hand quicken
    *dex (as it also increases aspd,up to a point where it reaches the limit that it has to take a large amount of dex to reach aspd)
    *vit (spend your excess points for vit)

    you have parry skill that’s similar to paladin’s auto guard so you should be save.
    use counter attack skill against sinx to make them look like idiots
    use your buffs like aura blade,concentration(which also have endure effect),two hand quicken,and parry.
    don’t have that bloodthirsty desire of killing everyone,your counter attack works well with sinx,parry well with champ’s ashura&stalk’s backstab and many others that are not elemental skills.

    i hope this helps

    p.s: sorry for my bad english

  6. +7 and up Valkyrie Manteau would be a great help especially for the Parry type LKs.. Use this versus SinX, Champs, Sacri Pally, and MasterSmiths too. You can even remove your cranial for the best result ^_^

  7. This make no sense. Crap guide.


  9. King of Payon marunong ka ba maglaro? Tanga

  10. Your guide sucks, just looks like a “Look what I do at the server I play” *insert pics* then really a guide.

  11. i like it…

  12. parang gusto ko na magh lk haaa….^_^

  13. @Jerdz agree

    Don’t compare this server to your high rate low life trash servers…
    stupid haters

  14. nice guide. hope this’ll help. :P imma move to 99/70 LOL after 3 years of non-stop pk on my server :P.

    *750/255–PK base l server
    *SHR King of PvP
    *Kyo Kurosonagi v2

  15. All I can to this guide is…

    Eat Dog Shit Please :D

  16. pls try:
    hockey mask
    d.armor with TG
    crainial stone buck
    immune WS,instead of devi=more dmg with elem ataks
    Superior tidal shus/blb

  17. @red valentine: loool

    You care about elements but you want him to use TG?

    More zerk noobs owned by auto-counter please :V

  18. ganda po thx sa help~

  19. Oh holy shit. They never learn, don`t they? Don`t ever use 2h in PVP even in WOE. The lost of shield is to much for LK. vs Biochemist and you don`t stand a chance. GTFO, a trash guide.

  20. oh lol, sorry, I meant “do” over “don’t” xD

  21. My sever is hight rate sever but many sinX , Cham , sniper and wizard . At my sever I dint se any LK at all !!! @@” my sever max lv is 255 job 120 . I put my str 255 and vit 255 den dex , luk , int all is 1 !!! Aspd max is 195 !! But can u all tell spear skill or sword skill strong ?! Cos at my sever LK is weak ><" my LK hp is 750k when use Tao gunka card~ but the wizard skill MC do on me is 50k per hit….. My spear skill do to him only 3k x5 = 15k only !!!!

  22. str 250 vit 150 dex 130 agi 130 , weapon Blade+10[2TG,2SWORD GUARDIAN] MY BOWLING BASH 15k++

  23. @got milk? 3rd job already huh??15k? this guide is for lord knight job only .. haha..btw thanks for sharing stat. .. i guess i need to come back to valkyrie (pro) asap to retrieve my PRIDE =)

  24. Nice Tol ^ ^ cant w8 to trans

  25. hey, dont ever use high vit.. once you got high vit def, pota halik ka na lng sa lupa agad..

    BEST LK PVP/Woe Mode [Medyo mataas explain ko, d marunong magturo sa forum]

    Thana or ice pick lng katapat mo.. pangalawa use +10blade with 2TG 2Hydra, or kung d mo afford thanatos card, use [1incan samurai,1TG, 2Sword Guardian] to +10 Blade.
    Tas spam ka bowling bash!!!

    sa shield nmn, ok na +0valk shield w/ thara f LK to LK pvp, pag woe gtb ka.
    sa garment saka shoes, variant magaling yan, switching armor ka nmn eh, dn +7valk manteau, qng pulubi char mo, use +0tidal[any card for hp] / +0wool scarf[noxious card]

    accessory nmn, 2 ring of muscle, pro dpat xtra ka ring w/ horong card to prevent cloaking.

    Tapos sa armor,switching ka tae, una Tao Gunka into Cotton Shirt lng, pag half na life, gamit ka GRc or Swordfish or Evil Druid or Angeling,
    pag tingin mo maliit damage mo, elements ka agad, dn you can use +10Pike[1VR,1incan,2TG]
    para pang dispell d same time malaman mo pag malaki ba vit nya. If may thana rin pike mo much better! sa WOE[use +10 Pike[2tg,2orc skel], armor w/ Gloom Undernight dn berserk]

    sa headgear, ok na alice doll or feather beret +10% dmg, qng mayaman [xincubus wing,xrip,x3d]
    qng wla, use r.lif or flower[1] with vanberk, dn elven ears[1] with vanberk also.
    Take note pag meron ka pang mayaman… 2 vanberk, 1 aac para madali tubo buhay.

    ang LK kc pabilisan mag switch saka patalasan ng isip saka diskarte. d nmn kylangan mayaman. [Pero mas kilabot pag good eq dn +0 lng tol, ok na...]

    After anything else, taas na natype ko..
    if d pa rin gumana yung tinuro ko, BS* Please type @die and scrub ur face at the floor dn quit RO..ahahaha, lolz…no hard feelings****

    laro kau bRo, blackout ro, hunt nyo po me.. [LK] UntouchabLe`
    sa bRo lng kc maraming PRO, geh po…type ko stats nxt page… ;P


  26. eto maganda stats sa LK* kahit anong build ka items na matter un.
    Dapat kc ur
    STATUS POINT = 0 after adding all stats.

    pag reset na stats mo ganito yan:

    STR: 1
    AGI : 1
    VIT: 1
    INT: 1
    DEX: 1
    LUK: 1

    eto i.add mo tol..[sa bRo kc 500 base level namin, convert mo na lng ha]
    max stats namin 450 eh…

    STR + 449
    AGI + 132
    VIT + 129 —–[use TAO Gunka card + aloe vera, malaman mo nmn pag wla xa thana eh sa dmg]
    INT + 101
    DEX + 388 —– [agi 132 + vit 129 = max aspd, sa server nyo i convert mo equivalent nyan]
    LUK + 296 —-[wag ka angal sa luk, gamit mo 2 vanberk, LUK adds GREAT DAMAGE [CRIT]]

    promise status point mo nyan == 0

    sa woe nmn vit = 1 lng talaga ako..pero d q na ilagay…bb type lng needed d2 eh..

    kc sa woe, breaker dn ako..ahahaha, mas magaling ang LK mag break…
    4-5seconds nga lng unlike SG 3sec, pero taas life LK may berserk pa… /gg

    geh po..God bless and gudluck na lng..i’m always happy to fight you LK vs LK..ahahahaha


  27. it is good,
    but not good enough… :D
    i like your screenshots anyway…

  28. @pein : vs mastersmith can be a pain if you don`t know how,,
    i suggest you use the charge attack + bowling bash combo,
    try to bash them first would not hurt…
    try it.. :D

  29. Kuya maraming salamat poh sa guide mo..
    Laking tulong poh sakin to salamat ^^V

  30. haha ang daldal mo “storyaheeee” kilala kta,pnatay na nga kta ilang beses eh. then d2 nakukuha mo pang mgyabang? get a life tsk weak

  31. Parang tanga yung mga nagpopost na pangprivate server yung build. Tubol mga naglalaro jan e. Napakadali magexperiment ng build jan e.

    LK din ako dati, Bowling bash tlga imba. ganda ng build ni kuya, pero i have a question. anu mas magandang BB type na LK, yung may parrying na LK na 2hand, or yung one hand but with cranial? thanks.

  32. Thank you sir for the builds that you are posting, it really helps a lot for new players like me, im a newbie at this game and these posts are really helping me to learn what to and what not to do, thank you bro, more power, :D,

  33. with that equip you will never able to survive from my ashura once you let me cast it on you
    but good luck tanking those high speed-low damage ashura

  34. I’m a High Swordsman at Valkyrie, a newbie here since the last time I played RO was back in the Sarah, Loki, Fenrir etc. era; I’m levelling-up but not putting stat-points yet for my fear is making mistakes. I want a solid build. I say, your guide is a big help though it’s obvious that you have here thousands of haters. LOL!

    I have a question if you don’t mind?
    Can this build make a good preparation for Rune Knight?
    I heard Dragon Type RKs ruin other\’s lives at PVP and Boss hunts! :)

    Could you please suggest stat builds and equipment for a solid Dragon-RK?
    Your response will be highly appreciated.

    BTW. Gosh, your BB is Lethal! I’d pay to watch you go PVP mode with your haters!
    Win and respect is yours. =D

    Thanks and God bless you, sir. :)

  35. how about the spiral type??? what is better?? the bowling or the spiral.. ?

  36. better guide compared to the 1st one :)
    give respect to lord giorotep , one of the best LK’s out there

    and don’t ever talk about private server here cause boss cards are hardly affordable on official servers xD

    man! 5000×2 damage on BB that’s sick xD

  37. This is madness! 5k damage wow. Die you haters live a life. =)

  38. nga tol baka pwd nyo nman ako help stat ng LK at card sa weapon sa ,,,,oblivion ragnarok ako nag la2ro help pls thanks


  40. Lord of the Knights Ragnarok KINGS FOREVER

  41. u defeat a party? i can tell u the party is trash.. hahaha… i tell u the reality.. not a dream… lord knight vs paladin. paladin with full immune equipment?paladin is the best tank in ragnarok. the paladin will sleep when u bb him.. vs sinx? just an idiot who battle face to face using sinx.. just use edp.. spirit.. good equipment. elemental conver.. cloaking + sonic blow + back slid.. u wanna try to catch the sinx? lol
    use maya purple? the fact u still cant catch him.. u will be a toys..
    vs sniper? waahahaha.. the sniper just need to use more arrow.. sleep arrow.. stun arrow.. etc.. agi.. luk.. dex.. can u take close to him?
    vs champion? champion full damage? loser! champion just need good casting time and good defense.. weapon with stromy knight card.. when u used evil druid.. change the weapon with hydra or tg.. u wanna tank the azura damage? without ghostring card? just used deviling card? lol..
    and the final.. u defeat one party? hahahahahahahaha…. =D .. how? i look a ninja.. a ninja with ice pick.. good equipment.. armor with TG.. necklace spore.. ice pick with TG.. or is.. another vit equipment. final strike skill.. try it.. use tG in armor? when u freeze.. the stalk just strip u.. become striptis man.. how u fight it?? use ED in armor? the priest just need use turn undead.. u kill the high priest first? –” just need basillica..
    u dreaming to much.. –”
    no one can defeat a party..

  42. Mga iDOL paturo nmn po ng build sa 250/120 build ng LK . d q kc makuha patama eh ang hina ng BB ko T_T

  43. Can you guys help me to build my stat and skill? I’ve gotten many problem when building my stat and skill. I am still knight and I want to be LK. : )

  44. your guide is all IF you can’t beat him use “berserk” what a shitty guide

  45. MGA TANGA!!



  46. stats and gamit lng….
    upper= orc hero
    mid=maya purple
    lower (if ever)=kiel(for faster spam)
    armor( val armor) GR Taogungka unfro
    garment (val manteau)= devi,raydric.noxious
    boots =better use sleipner
    megingar for accessories..

    tapos yung stats

    khit +80 lng yung str
    dex = 150 yung total
    aspd= 190
    yung vit khit mejo mbaba… pbilisan ng switch yng build n yan… lk k nmn kya mejo mkunat yan …. prepaire combat knife at feather beret….

  47. sa weapon pla nka limutan ko …. 5 weapon ko..
    una 1tg 1 hydra 1inca 1SG
    2 stormy+2valkarie randgris…
    . 1thana 2 SG 1hydra….
    2stormy 1inca1tg
    1stormy 1 VG 2lord of death

  48. this build is good for newbies..! (y)

  49. Hey Frnds plz Hel me Out With LK Stst and Equips
    255/120 Server
    All Boss Cards Available

    i ned A Perfect BB Build Help me Out Plzzz
    And Plz Do Type In English.. ^_^

  50. Greetings!
    Can you help me out with my lk 255/120 equips and stats what is more better 1thana 2tg 1 sg or 1thana 1sg 1tg 1sk

  51. Try dealing with the CREATOR class.. Well see if your PURE BB Build with high VIT can survive… /gg

  52. U build is useless against champion, creator, and mage…

    Parry is good aginst melee…

    But worse for magical and long range…

    For my experience…

    Str 90-99
    Dex till uncast Bowling bash skill
    Rest is vit

    If u can, atk must be more 1000
    Def must be 15+90(after provoke, concentration and aura blade)
    HP need to more 45000
    Aspd -> MAX (not use frenzy skill)
    dex -> For uncast bowling bash

    I no need up agi becoz, i think can gain aspd with skill and buffer from high priest, ws and soul linker…

    My equipment…

    Headgear-> Giant Baphoment Hons, or any had with 1 slot for kiel, me likely use doll hat with increasing damage with 1 slot)
    Mid -> Sunglasses with paya purple
    Low -> Flu mask with Kiel

    Armor-> Diablo Armor(Tao Gunka, Ghostring and marc)
    Mantue -> Wool Scarft, Vk mantue and diablo mantue (Dustiness, develing, raydric, and giant whisper)
    shield -> VK is the best for now or orlean sheild (Thara Frog, Maya and Golden Thieft Bug)
    Shoe ->Tidal Shoe or Diablo Shoe (Firelock)
    Ring -> Meggijard most better, if dont had use Glove, Orlean Glove, and expert ring.(use beelzebub for both, or zerom)
    sword-> I’m like use one handed sword…

    1- Blade (4 stormy knight)
    2 – Secret sword (2 Sword Guardian and dopel)
    3 – Secret sword (1 sword guardian, 1 thanatoa and dopel)
    4 – Secret sword (2 sword guardian and 1 turtle general)
    5 – Secret sword (2 sword guardian and 1 thanatos)

    in extra, use element scroll earth and wind… LK will be weak if not using element…

    Addtional, LK need more support, buff and skill from other job to more powerful. The damage bowling bash above 7k and double damage 14k…

    LK need more MVP Card for survive…

    Powerful LK is mastered player in switching equipment in pvp and also master in tactics in pvp)

    Bring more potion and resist potion… LK mostly targetting from any player… I’m usually bring more than 100 Berry for a single battle pvp :-)

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