High Priest in SE WoE

So you’re a High Priest and you don’t know what equipment to get, what stats you should have and what you ought to be doing? Don’t worry too much, that’s the purpose of this guide. I’ll be running through these things with you soon.First of all, this guide assumes you’re in a 99/70 server and that you have access to Battleground (BG) and the newest equipment. I’ll post alternatives but the first options are always the best (in my opinion).

All of you know that the main function of a High Priest is to provide buffs and Heal, as well as to support your party in general. However, in WoE SE, if you’re in a decent guild that knows what it’s doing, your job is going to be reduced to just buffing your team. Yes, no Heal, no Safety Wall, no Magnificat, no Gloria, nothing. Just pure Blessing and Increase Agi with Pneuma and Lex Aeterna thrown in every once in a while. As such, you’re not going to have high Int.


Str: 20~30 base

Agi: leftovers

Vit: enough to get 90 Vit in total

Int: 1

Dex: 99

Luk: 1

Okay, so you’re going to ask: why so much Agi, and so little Int? Well, since you’re not Healing, the only reason to have Int is for SP pool. You’re going to be carrying Blue Pots, thus removing the need for Int. If your server doesn’t have @storage, you’re going to need to have more Int then but keep it minimal. As for your Agi, you need it for more attack speed (ASPD). If you don’t understand the mechanics of ASPD, I’ll start explaining it but if you already understand it, you can skip to the next section on Equipment. Anyway, ASPD determines how fast you attack per minute: a 99/70 Priest will like to have 159ish ASPD with a Concentration Potion. That means 60 attacks per minute. With more Agi, you can attack more times; 190 ASPD allows you to hit for 300 times a minute which means around 5 times per second.

What you probably don’t know is that your skills are affected in the same way too. Let’s take Blessing for example. Blessing has no cast time nor cast delay so with 190 ASPD, you’ll like to be able to Bless 5 times a second if you can click fast enough and have good ping (Internet connection stuff; go Google it). However, if you’re a regular Priest with ~159 ASPD, no matter how you try, you can only Bless a person about once per second (60 times a minute, see?). However, for skills with cast time/delay, you can’t spam them even with 190 ASPD. Take Heal for example. Heal has no cast time but has a 1 second delay so no matter what your ASPD is, you can only use it 60 times per minute. Now imagine if your delay was reduced (standing in Bragi, for example), with 190ASPD, you can spam it more times per minute (depending on how good your Bragi is). If your delay is completely removed, you can Heal 300 times a minute! Cool, hm? Go try it and see for yourself.

Oh, and make sure you take +7 Dex, Agi, and Vit foods to reach 97 Vit. That gives you Stun immunity. The other foods are self-explanatory. If, for any reason, you find it difficult to get such foods, you can tweak your build to reach 97 Vit.


Upper Headgear: Feather Beret/Large Baphomet Horns with +1 Dex/Vit hidden enchant, if your server has it

Mid Headgear: Sunglasses [1] with a Nightmare card

Lower Headgear: Gentleman’s Pipe or whatever

Armor: Medic’s Robe or Diablos Robe with Marc/Evil Druid card and +3 Dex/Vit enchant, if your server has it

Shield: Valkyrja’s Shield with a Horn card

Weapon: Speedy Recovery Wand or go bare-handed for more ASPD.

Footgear:Combat Boots or Diablos Boots if you can get it. Slot a Green Ferus card in them.

Garment: Commander’s Manteau or Proxy Skin Fragment with a Noxious card.

Accessory: 2x Orlean’s Gloves with Zerom card

*at least 1 Diablos Ring swap with Alligator card

*1 more accessory with Smokie card (Orlean’s is the best)

Explanation of equipment:

*I’ll post alternative equipment below

**You must have a +7 or better Staff of Recovery

Now, you must be wondering why you need all these stuff for. The Feather Beret is obvious, the Nightmare card is to prevent the Sleep status because you have low Int. Low Int=less Sleep resistance. Armor is Medic’s Robe because it has 0 weight and gives Demi Human resistance. Plus, if you’re using the BG set, it gives you nice bonuses as well. I highly recommend the Diablos Robe, though, because it has even nicer bonuses (-skill delay, +Heal effectiveness) .

Garment can be the BG set or a Proxy, which I recommend over the BG set because it gives you more resistance overall. Boots are also BG set or the Diablos Boots (which are better) because the BG boots are only useful if you use the entire BG set. You don’t need a Thara Frog card in your shield because you’ll most likely be hit by magic or long ranged attacks (which includes magic); SinXes are outdated in WoE:SE and if your guild is competent, no melee attackers will get anywhere near all of you. Valkyrie Shield is best as it gives the most resistance (Orlean’s Server is okay, but loses to V.Shield anytime, any day).

Accessories…this is the tough part. Your guild leader may require you to cast Sanctuary over your castle’s barricades (read up the WoE:SE guide if you don’t know what this is) so you need your Staff of Recovery+Diablos Rings+Diablos Armor/BG set to maximise Sanctuary’s effectiveness. No, you won’t be asked to Heal each individual barricade so Int is still not needed since Sanctuary isn’t affected by Int anyway. The Smokie card is there in case you misclick and become exposed, so Hide and try to sneak back into your guild formation (more on this later). The weapon is optional; have one if you must, but I prefer to go bare-handed as I can dish out more skills per minute; Staves/Staffs have horrible ASPD.

Role as a HP:

Now, your role as a HP is to rebuff the DPS (damage per second) classes such as Creators and High Wizards. You should know how WoE:SE works by now; if you don’t, here’s an overview: Creators make up frontline, Wizards second, Clowns third, support classes and the rest behind.

Here’s a screenie of my guild; we’re practicing getting into formation and we’re still halfway to completion so it’s quite an ugly stack, but the general idea is there:

If you look at it from right to left, you’ll sort of notice that Creators are in front. Then look at this:

to see that high Vit classes are stacked at the back so as to put some distance between themselves and enemy Creators. The front line Creators and High Wizards wil be constantly Dispelled, which makes them almost useless so it’s your job to rebuff them. Bless, Agi, and Kyrie will do. If you had taken a look at my screen shots, you’ll notice that I have my party window open, as well as two separate chat windows. One is for communication, whereby you can see what your team mates are saying, etc. The other is purely for buffing purposes; when you see a string of red lines coming up, you’ll know that someone has been Dispelled and you must find him/her in your party window and buff them immediately. If there are none too many HPs in your guild and you find yourself overloaded with party members (like me), you’re likely to be kept constantly busy trying to buff your teammates. Also try to look out for opponent guild members who stray out of formation and spam Lex on them until they drop. Don’t be trigger happy though; wait until they’re in your range before you Lex them or you’ll run out automatically and perhaps end up being a target for Acid Bombs.

You must stand out of reach of enemy Creators at all times as you are likely to drop within 2 seconds with your high Vit, so stay away. Your team will be covered by Land Protector all the time, so Pneuma won’t save your butt. Don’t bother Decrease Agi-ing enemies; they’ll have a HP in their guild to rebuff them. Only do it if the other guild is obviously wiping (losing). Also, don’t ignore your other teammates who are not getting Dispelled; refresh their buffs if you aren’t buffing the DPS classes. As for those who aren’t in your party, you may need to friend them in case their HP gets wiped. They’ll then use “/hi buffs pls” to alert you if they need buffs. Those who are already in your party should be removed from your friend list to shorten it; if they get Dispelled, your chat window will tell you. In fact, tell your guild mates to friend you if needed, and tell them to spam /hi three times, no more and no less to alert you.

Well…that’s about it I suppose. I don’t know right now if I forgot anything; if I had then I’ll add it in later. I hope this guide helps you to understand the workings of WoE:SE; good luck and have fun with your guild! Cheers!

Right.  Alternative gears in case you can’t get the ones I mentioned above. You have to read the guide first to understand what is needed of you, then get the gears as required. So here goes:

Headgear: Beret/Poopoo Hat. I don’t see why you can’t get a Feather Beret (at least), but oh well.

Armor: Saint’s Robe or Silk Robe. These don’t give any bonuses apart from the MDef, but oh well. They give decent enough resistance.

Garment and Footgear: Wool Scarf+Tidal Shoes. These shouldn’t be too hard to get I suppose. You could also go for Vital Tree Shoes and use some other garment if you want. Any garment will do, but Wool Scarf is decent.

Accessory: Rosaries, Glove [1]. Very basic equipment that isn’t too hard to get if you don’t mind grinding.

Weapon: I believe you won’t have a problem with this as you’re either go bare-handed or with a Staff of Recovery, which you can get from killing a few Anubises.

Shield: Orlean’s Server or anything with a slot. If you don’t have a Valkyrie Shield, then you’re screwed no matter which shield you use anyway.


I don’t think this is very important because you won’t need too many skills for WoE:SE, but you need Safety Wall (just in case of emergencies), Warp Portal, Pneuma, Ruwach (keep it up at all times), Sanctuary at level 7 at least, Recovery, and Suffragium (you won’t use it often). You don’t need Gloria, Magnificat (you and your guild will most likely be [should be, in fact] overweight so no SP/HP recovery), Turn Undead, Lex Divina, Angelus, Mace Mastery, or Mana Recharge. You should get Assumptio to level 5 and a bit of Meditatio because it adds to your SP pool.

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  1. Cool guide, although today is an era where the 3rd job reigns though. :D

  2. whats with the map?

  3. this looks like a great guide. just recently returned playing ro and i’ve decided to try maining a priest for now =) from what i read i expect i’ll get uber results!

    thanks a bunch!

  4. @Kiyoshirou-sama, despite that, many people still have a preference for transcendent classes and WoE 2.0 so this guide isn’t all that out of place…yet.

    @Dee I was using a special programme that removes map details and stuff (I forgot what it was called) so as to minimise lag. In heated WoE battles, there are lots of skills flying around in one guild alone: songs/dances, buffs, acid bombs, AoE spells, ganbantein and goodness knows what else – and there are usually at least two guilds fighting it out against each other. By removing the map details, it helps to improve PC performance, especially if you don’t really have up-to-date technologies (such as I, haha).

    @Constantine I’m glad that this guide served its purpose and I’m glad I wrote it down too, ’cause it’s been a while since I played RO and all of this has slipped my mind, haha. I hope you have fun playing as HP! :)

  5. Nowadays, hp gets as much ranged reducts as possible due to being body blockers in the meta. Dex isn’t so important, hps now lex and bless more than agi and kyrie isn’t used during gvgs.

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