Lord Knight CS BB GUIDE

The guide guide is not for people who are new the game .   If u are new to the game then please visit other guides about knights and then visit here.  I hope that those people who are reading this guide know the basics of how the game functions and about the knight class.

Most of all this guide is built for your preparation on Rune Knight Job.

I have here the hybrid build which is common nowadays but different skill and stats set.

I won’t state how to level up or to loot, you’ll see skills, stats, equips for mid funded character

With this guide you must be good at weapon and armor switching.

Lord Knight CS BB Build.



+5/6 Hunting Spear (w/abyssmal knight card)

+5/6 Executioner (w/ HydraCard)

+5/6 TeNS (w/ 2hyrda Sword Guardian Card or 1hydra 2 SWc)


+4 Valkyrie Shield ( Thara Frog Card )


well in here its up to you if you will buy D.armor or D.Robe or FARM for glorious suit

(w/ Peco2 card for D.armor/robe)


+0 Variant Shoes


+4 Piece of Agent skin

(raydric Card)


Diabolous Ring & Medal of Honor

(Smokie Card for D.ring)


Choose wisely: Evolved Orc Hero Helm – Upper and Mid

LBH – Upper

Blush of Groom – Mid

G.pipe – Lower


(Base/Job Level= 99/70 high 1st job level = 50)

Stats: (w/ buffs and food)

Str -  84 + 15 = 99 + 10(bless) + 10(food)

Agi – 60 + 8 = 68 + 12(agi) + 10(food)

Vit – 81 + 8 = 90 + 10(food)

Dex – 43 + 9 = 52 +10(bless) + 10(food)

= AtK 254

=ASPD168(2handed Sword) 171(1handed sword)

ASPD w/ Quicken SKills and Berserk Pots 184(2hand) 185(1hand)

= 19845hp

= Hit 171

Skill Build


Sword Mastery 10

TH Sword Mastery 10

Increase Recovery 5

Bash 10

Provoke 5

MB 5

Endure 4


Spear Mastery 10

Pierce 10

Spearstab 5

TH Quicken 10

Auto Counter 5

Bowling Bash 10

Riding 1

Cavalry Mastery 5

Tension Relax 1

Berserk 1

Spiral Pierce 5

One Hand Quicken Soullink

Charge Attack Quest


- Can utilize every weapon that LKs could have

- Can achieve 190aspd

- Great DpS

- WoE/PVP/MVP build

- Average Hit For CS

- Great ASPD for BB dance

- Great HP

- Average to High AtK


- Very Expensive build

- CS will be an initiator of attack for your BB dance

- 0 Parry skills for 2handed swords

- 0 Concentration


Wrap up.

with my armor set…(g.suit armor)

you can achieve 28khp

take note that this is just the most basic armor set for funded LK.

for characters that likes to hide/run Pneuma and SW use


charge attack + CS + BBdance if on pneuma = charge attack + Magnum Break + CS + BB.

for Safety Walled Char charge attack + BB dance…


charge attack + CS + BBdance if on pneuma just use bowling bash


common sense…CS skill will be your bestfriend in this matter…

i build this guide coz i am very confused before on what kind of build that i need to use..

thanks to myself and to that confusion coz here’s my “Other Hybrid BUILD”

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  1. excuse me, what is “TeNS” :o?

  2. i believe its twin edge of naght sieger.

  3. whats CS?

  4. CS = Clashing Spiral or spiral pierce

  5. Where can I get Executioner?

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