Leveling: Spirit Monk

NOTE: This is based on pre-renewal experience. Also, DO NOT forget EXP quests. I will assume you have the Monk skill tree as reference in another tab.

I’ve been told that combo monks level faster than spirit monks. However, I find that they are equal in leveling speed.

The goal

Focus on three stats: DEX, STR, and VIT. I’d recommend having VIT below 50 at all times. The matter of DEX and STR is a matter of preference. More DEX would mean faster casting time. More STR means more damage.

The purpose of the Spirit Monk is to (the following does not imply order of importance): 1) Have fast to super fast cast time, 2) Deal high to very high damage to a SINGLE (emphasize single) opponent, and 3) Survive with considerable VIT.

Spirit Monks are dependent on their spells for high damage.

Leveling a Spirit Monk is not hard.


Begin focusing on upping your attack strength (STR), survivability (VIT), and accuracy (DEX) while hitting Porings and Lunatics and other weak, newbie monsters. For now, DEX should be up to par with whatever you plan to hit, it is not awesome yet.

Level in the training grounds until job 10.


Keep leveling at the newbie places until you’re comfortable with the following places: Rockers, Payon Dungeon Level 1, Culvert Level 1/2. Keep your STR/VIT/DEX build up to par, as if you were a swordsman.

For skills, Blessing would be very helpful, and maxing Divine Protection and its offensive counterpart would eliminate the need to use second job skill points. Heal keeps you alive in battle. Increase AGI and Decrease AGI is a matter of whether you think you need it or not, because the only use Increase AGI would have to a Spirit Monk is walk speed, and Decrease AGI would be to slow down enemies for any tactical reason. Pneuma is a necessary skill for fast leveling, and to be more effective in PvP situations, notably.

Once you feel you are not getting enough EXP, go kill wolves 2 maps south of Payon. Heal would be really helpful here.

Before we get to the next place of leveling, we will need Pneuma first. Also decide by this time how much DEX you think will be suitable during your Sleeper grinding (described later in the guide).

Once you feel you are not getting enough EXP, go to Toy Factory Level 2 and kill Cruisers. Use Pneuma for protection, because Cruisers are ranged monsters. By this time, it would be advised to buy a stunner for effective damage.

Once cruisers seem to not give you enough EXP, venture into Amatsu Dungeon. Kill only the Antique Firelocks, using Pneuma to protect yourself.


During your painful Firelock grind, you will become a Monk. continue to Firelock grind, but invest in Occult Impaction Level 5 and Absorb Spirit Spheres. The rest of the skill allocation is up to you.

When you think you are ready (level 70-80), save a warp point at the Sleeper Map (yuno_fild06) and Occult Impact those sand guys to the ground.  When you are low on SP, cast Absorb Spirit Spheres on the Goats in yuno_fild06 repeatedly until the skill succeeds (when you get SP).

From here, it’s possible to either stay at Sleepers until 99 or advance to Turtle Island (which is more difficult).

Additional Tips

Sleepers drop Great Natures, which can be separated into 6-10 Green Lives and sold for 500 each Green Live (Umbala Elemental Ore Creation/Breakdown). If these Lives are sold with an Overcharge Merchant, it would be 620 zeny for each Green Live. Great way to get zeny.

Do the EXP quests.

2 Responses to “Leveling: Spirit Monk”

  1. You DO realize that Occult Impaction is forced neutral, and so a fire fist will not have any effect whatsoever?

    If you have to go with a one-shot-kill weapon, go with a slotted chain. Peco Peco Egg Cards(one north of Morroc) and one Skeleton Worker(third floor of Coal Mines). That will actually increase your damage to somewhere around 1.75-1.80x your normal damage, which with around 75-80 Str will mean a one shot kill.

    Otherwise, go with a stunner. Two shots, but it’ll do the trick. Once you have around 90 STR and Blessing ten, you are viable to one shot the sleepers.

  2. edited, thanks linken, that slipped my mind

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